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Buffalo Tom - A Sides from Buffalo Tom

All of my favourites on one record, 'Summer', 'Kitchen Door', 'Tangerine', 'Going Underground' Jam cover 18 great tracks, great record.

Buffalo Tom is an alternative rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, formed in the 1980s. Its principal members are guitarist Bill Janovitz, bassist Chris Colbourn, and drummer Tom Maginnis. The band's name is derived from the band Buffalo Springfield and the first name of the drummer, who is the shyest of the three. Combining the two is something of a joke among the members.

Dinosaur Jr guitarist/frontman J Mascis assisted with the production on the band's first two albums. J Mascis also played lead guitar on the song "Impossible" from Buffalo Tom's self-titled debut. Based on Mascis' input, early on the band was sometimes called Dinosaur Jr, Jr.

The band contributed the track "For All To See" to the 1993 benefit album No Alternative, and the track "Lolly Lolly Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here" to the CD School House Rock! Rocks. Buffalo Tom's song "Sodajerk" was featured on the soundtrack to the 1994 television series My So-Called Life. They also wrote the theme song to the extremely short-lived 1999 sitcom The Mike O'Malley Show. In 1999 the song "Taillights Fade" was used in the Breckin Meyer/Elizabeth Berkley independent film Taillights Fade. They also recorded The Jam's "Going Underground" for the 2000 tribute album Fire and Skill: The Songs of the Jam.

Buffalo Tom is a perennial performer at the Hot Stove Cool Music concerts that benefit Theo Epstein's Charity, Foundation To Be Named Later. Other artists involved include Kay Hanley and Peter Gammons.

During 2007, Buffalo Tom performed at the South by Southwest Music Festival and went on a mini Summer tour with shows in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, and a few other cities. A new album, Three Easy Pieces, was released on July 10, 2007 through the New West label.

If anyone has a copy of Three Easy Pieces, I would appreciate you dropping me a line.

Beasts of Bourbon - Axemans Jazz

My favourite Beasts record, around this time I was living in Surry Hills, Sydney… Cleveland Street, just down the road from The Hopetown Hotel, in a flat over a Lebanese Pizza Shop. The flat had no windows and shared a bathroom with James Baker who had the flat next door. Never know a man who could drink more beer than James Baker and still play a set at full intensity and precision. James not so much gave me a cooy of 'Axemans Jazz' but launched a copy at me across the front bar of the Hopetown one Sunday afternoon. Yes the theme continues 'lazy hung-over Sunday afternoon'. Must be time for a 'hair of the dog'.

The Beasts of Bourbon's music has often been compared to that of a rougher Rolling Stones (whose 'Cocksucker Blues' they covered), The Gun Club (who they played with and who some Beasts filled in for) and The Birthday Party. In Germany, the band were described as 'Muddy Waters on crack'. Their music is a tough amalgam of country music, blues, rock and roll and punk parsed through the garage sound of The Stooges and the drunken mayhem of Australian pub rock. It often touches on themes of depravity, morbidity, despair, drug abuse and violence.

The initial version of the group included Spencer P. Jones of The Johnnys, Boris Sudjovic and Kim Salmon of The Scientists and James Baker of The Hoodoo Gurus. Recruited in large part because they were often found in the Southern Cross, an inner-city Sydney bar, these members form what is considered by some to be the 'classic' line-up. This lineup was featured on the band's first album, The Axeman's Jazz, recorded in 1984 in a single afternoon for one hundred dollars by Tony Cohen. The album was an excursion into deranged Gothic country and western, swamp-rock collision with a strong sense of irony and irreverence toward country music's clich├ęs. A cover of "Psycho" was a hit on alternative radio. Although the album became an underground success, the band continued, for the time being, to be just a side project for its members until 1988.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - B Sides & Rarities

Continuing on my 'lazy hungover Sunday afternoon' theme. One mister Cave and the Bad Seeds. No introduction necessary....Birthday Party...... legend in Aussie Rock. This one has cool acustic versions of 'Deanna', 'Mercy Seat' and 'City of refuge'. 19 tracks in all Nick at his best.

Iron and Wine - The Creek Drank the Cradle

Released in 2002, another record that gets a good workout at my place, especially on a lazy hung-over Sunday afternoon.

Iron and Wine's debut record, The Creek Drank the Cradle, is written, produced, and performed by Sam Beam and features only Beam's voice, a gently strummed acoustic guitar, some slide guitar, and the occasional banjo. Iron and Wine creates intimate and emotional songs, recorded bedroom-style but never letting the lo-fi get in the way of the tune. The obvious comparison has to be Lou Barlow/Sebadoh/Sentridoh, as they share the same breathy voice, melancholy outlook on life, and devotion to Nick Drake. The difference is that there are no traces of punk rock or noise for the sake of noise in Iron and Wine's music. Beam isn't interested in rocking out or obscuring the beauty that bursts from within his simple songs; he embraces it and lets his sadness twist in the wind for all to see. Besides, his vocal harmonies are more soft rock than punk rock. "Lion's Mane" opens the record and immediately takes your breath away as Beam's voice is so beautiful and his hooks are razor sharp. Every song that follows is just as memorable, Beam sounding positively angelic as he harmonizes with himself. "The Rooster Moans" is a chilling side trip into Appalachian folk; "Southern Anthem" a falsetto-led indie-gospel track with an absolutely soaring chorus. The simple musical backing never gets boring either, as there are musical hooks to match the vocal hooks — the banjo in "Lion's Mane," the double-tracked repeating slide at the end of "Faded from the Winter," the gently chugging rhythm of "Upward Over the Mountain." As soon as the almost jaunty, Neil Young-esque album closer, "Muddy Hymnal," ends, you'll want to hit repeat and start again.

Rain Parade

Cheers to tricky, hank and ken many thanks

Got a bit of feedback and info regarding the previous post...

Anonymous said... There is one more record of "The Rain Parade", called "Demolition"! This CD contains mostly unreleased and alternative tracks of the album "Crashing Dream".

And check out the album of "Rainy Day" with many members of "The Rain Parade".

Also there's a solo-album of Matt Piucci from 2000 "Hellenes".

And don't forget the rare album of "Gone Fishin'" (Tim Lee & Matt Piucci) "Can't Get Lost When You're Going Nowhere" from 1982

One of the progenitors of "The Paisley Underground", catch-all term used to corral together a diparate bunch of American bands, writers and performers whose music filtered elements of 60's psychedelia with New Wave energy and a 1980's sensibility, Rain Parade were always a criminally underrated outfit. Using trailing fuzztone guitars and oblique lyricism that echoed such obscure legends as The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, "You Are My Friend" originally came from the mini-album "Explosions in The Glass Palace", which coupled with their debut album, "Emergency Third Rail Power Trip", is now thoughtfully housed on one Demon-CD. This was their finest hour; a subsequent move to a major label resulted in a live album with a picture of a gang of budgerigars on the cover. David Roback jumped ship and, after forming Opal with ex-Dream Syndicate bass person Kendra Smith, can now be heard providing the musical backdrops to Hope Sandoval's plaintive vocals in the wonderful Mazzy Star.

Rain Parade - Beyond the Sunset (Live in Japan)

Rain Parade -Demolition (Sorry no artwork)

Rainy Day - Rainy Day

Tim Lee & Matt Piucci - Gone Fishin'

Long Ryders

help from peter & sonn

The Long Ryders were formed in late November 1982 out of the ashes of the Los Angeles punk scene. Kentucky born guitarist Sid Griffin left his band The Unclaimed after having bonded musically with former Boxboys drummer Greg Sowders at a jam session in a Mexican transvestite bar in Silverlake. The other guitar player was Steve Wynn but he left to form the Dream Syndicate whereupon Virginias Stephen McCarthy, a country music loving newcomer to L.A., stepped in after answering a Musicians Wanted ad in a local Korean newspaper.

The original bass player was Barry Shank but he quit to return to graduate school and was replaced by Australian Des Brewer. The band recorded and released an EP in 1983 produced by ex-Sparks guitarist and former Beach Boys engineer Earle Mankey called 10-5-60 and it was so well received they decided to tour. Des Brewer dropped out at this point and was replaced by Indianas Tom Stevens, a former candidate in the NASA astronaut space program in Houston.

EP 10-5-60

Signed to hip indie label Frontier the band recorded their debut LP Native Sons with Henry Lewy producing. Lewy had worked with the Flying Burrito Brothers on their classic Gilded Palace Of Sin LP as well as with the Association, Barbara Streisand, Van Morrison and Lewy had enjoyed a long studio partnership with Joni Mitchell. Together the Long Ryders and Lewy came up with an album called a modern American classic by Melody Maker and soon found themselves on the cover of the New Musical Express as well as playing live on the BBCs Whistle Test TV show.

Native Sons

After touring the USA for much of 1984 Europe was theirs for the taking in March/April 1985. Sold out gig followed sold out gig and the band were second only to The Smiths in the alternative charts of the day. Signed to Island Records in early summer the band released the album State Of Our Union in September 1985 and soon found themselves number one in the College Radio/Alternative charts for four weeks running in their native land. Their single Looking For Lewis & Clark crashed into the charts and became their signature song.

The following year was spent consolidating their success. In America REM told them soon as we get through making the Replacements famous you guys are next!, in Spain they headlined a Barcelona festival to over 100,000 which was broadcast live on national radio, in Canada the Toronto Globe & Mail called them the best thing to happen to roots rock since The Band, in Italy they played eighteenth century opera houses and gave press conferences as if heads of state and in Great Britain The Long Ryders were considered like family to their fans and a breath of fresh air to the UK's rock critics.

After a spring tour to work out new songs The Long Ryders released Two-Fisted Tales in early summer 1987. Produced by Ramones/Smithereens whiz Ed Stasium, it gave them a radio turntable hit with I Want You Bad and the touring began again. U2 asked them to open shows on the North American wing of their Joshua Tree tour and the high life beckoned.

Alas it was not to be. Bassist Tom Stevens left the road to be with his young family in August and by Christmas Stephen McCarthy was gone as well. Island asked Messers. Griffin and Sowders for another album but without their old compadres their hearts were not in it and they foolishly if honorably declined.


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Lloyd Cole and The Commotions - Rattlesnakes (Deluxe Edition)

repaying some debts ..... for peter (the time bandit)

Here is the Deluxe 2 CD set released in 2004. The deluxe edition includes the 10 original album tracks, the four tracks from the bonus edition and 14 additional tracks, including demos, concert and radio performances. Note the different album cover produced for the Deluxe Edition.

Formed in 1982 and signed to Polydor in 1984, the band was known for combining Clark's encyclopedic, yet often twangy, guitar savvy with Cole's low-key singing style. Their auspicious debut effort Rattlesnakes (1984) was initially dismissed as a "student bedsit classic", but now is regularly cited as one of the important works in rock music (and is much revered as a student bedsit classic...). Rattlesnakes, contained literary and pop culture references to such figures as Norman Mailer, Grace Kelly, Eva Marie Saint, Truman Capote and Joan Didion.

Paul Hardiman gave Rattlesnakes a clean and elegant production, and Anne Dudley (who had scored The Lexicon of Love for ABC) was brought in to provide the album's much-noted orchestrations. The album was scored with a keen desire to keep it elegant and avoid "schmaltz", and string arrangements began coming back into rock music in the years following its release.

The group produced two more albums, Easy Pieces and Mainstream, before disbanding in 1989, when Cole relocated to New York to record with various artists, including Fred Maher, Robert Quine and Matthew Sweet.

Oasis - Singles (Definitley Maybe & Be Here Now)

Love or hate these guys, maybe their pretense and egos outweigh their substance ( one must forgive them…they’re English) they write great songs sung with passion and abandonment. Following in the footsteps of their idols The Beatles, Oasis became a phenomenon in their home country in the 1990s. Taking the Fabs' template as a model, they added a thick wall of Pete Townshend-influenced guitars and stood at the vanguard of the mid-'90s Britpop movement, inspiring scores of imitators. While guitarist/songwriter/leader Noel Gallagher is responsible for penning several instant-classic pop songs, the press often focuses on the extra-musical hijacks and squabbles of he and his younger brother and Oasis lead singer, Liam. The constantly feuding brothers have threatened to split countless times (usually after one of Liam's public outbursts), but somehow they've hung together and kept things going against all odds.

Two files 7 singles, Definitley Maybe ( Cigarettes & Alcohol, Live Forever, Whatever, Supersonic) and Be Here Now (All Around The World, D'You Know What I Mean, Stand By Me) a Beatles and Stones song on the B sides.

Definitley Maybe - Singles

Be Here Now - Singles

one for hank and bottlelow

The Lost Weekend CD is a celebration of contemporary Australian pop music and was released as a companion to a festival of the same name. Over the last 20 years, Australia has been the breeding ground to some of the world's best power pop bands, especially if you look at in on a per capita basis. Unfortunately, while bands like The Innocents, DM3, Chevelles and Pyramidiacs are able to tour internationally they still remain largely unknown at home. Hopefully The Lost Weekend CD will help rectify the situation. Featuring 23 bands from all over the country, it not only includes such legends but also the current contenders like Finkers, Michael Carpenter, P76, Challenger 7 and Superscope. Other bands to watch out for include The Richies, Quick 50, Dreamdayers and The Scruffs. The Lost Weekend easily achieves its aim, which is to highlight the quality and diversity of the Australian power pop scene.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Opal - Happy Nightmare Baby

Opal were an American alternative/psychedelic band in the 1980s. They were part of the Paisley Underground musical style. The group formed in the mid-'80s under the name Clay Allison, featuring guitarist David Roback (previously of Rain Parade), bassist Kendra Smith (from Dream Syndicate) and drummer Keith Mitchell. After one single, they released the remaining Clay Allison tracks under the band's new name, Opal, on the 1984 Fell from the Sun EP. Another EP, Northern Line, followed in 1985.

Happy Nightmare Baby, Opal's first full-length album, was released in 1987. Smith left the group during the Happy Nightmare tour, effectively putting an end to the band. Roback continued with vocalist Hope Sandoval, and in 1989 this band became Mazzy Star. Kendra Smith released a number of solo singles, EPs, and one album before retiring to the woods of northern California. The song "She's a Diamond" was included in the film Boys Don't Cryfilm soundtrack. but was not included on the CD release of the record.

Various Artists - rooArt

rooArt was an Australian independent record label in the 1990s, founded by INXS's then-manager, Chris Murphy. The label's roster included several well-known Australian bands and artists such as Crow, Ratcat, Screaming Jets, You Am I,Wendy Matthews, The Hummingbirds, andAmanda Brown. Other bands which made early or first releases on the rooArt label included The Lab,The Fauves and Custard. rooArt released a series of compilation albums of new or then-unsigned acts, called Young Blood.

Here we have The Hummingbirds’Get on Down’, The Trilobites’Minibar of Oblivion’, Martha’s Vineyard’Old Beach Road’, Sean Kelly’Thank You Goodnight’, Tall Tales and True’Tiny Town’, Crash Ploitics’Whatever It Takes’

Pop on Top - The Cream of Australian Power-pop Crop

one from hank

A collection of Aussie power-pop from 1996

He's Not Around - The Chevelles 2.Stupid Dream – Even 3.Doggy - Jack & The Beanstalk 4.1*2* Devastated - DM3 5.Windmill – Superscope 6.3rd Times A Charm – Hub 7.Shameless – Flanders 8.10AM – Rosebuds 9.Sunshine Changes Everything - Early Hours 10.Insane – Rollercoaster 11.Just The Way – Epstein 12.Tuesday's Girl – Pyramidiacs 13.Just Gave In - Melcome Mat 14.Cheap Thrills - Tune Bureau 15.Run Like Hell - Summer Sums 16.Jenny - St. Jude 17.Wait A Lifetime - Challenger 7 18.Couldn't I Just Tell You - Hammerfish (previously unreleased) 19.Sweetness Meeting - Flavour Of The Month 20.Bye - Ice Cream Hands

Tripple J - Collection

all credit to cob, onya mate

Some thing very special from the land of Oz. The Triple J Hottest 100 is an annual poll of the most popular songs amongst its listeners. It has been conducted for almost a decade in its present form, and i
n 2005 it attracted 606,060 votes - the largest music poll in the world. It has also spawned a series of successful compilation CDs, and more recently, music DVDs. The countdown of the top 100 songs on Australia Day weekend, usually accompanied by a barbecue, has become an annual summer ritual for Triple J fans around Australia and around the world.

Hottest 100 Number 1 1992

Hottest 100 Number 2 1993

Live at the Wireless is a long standing tradition of Triple J. It is a weekly broadcast of live music, of a number of forms - open air festivals, smaller concerts, or acoustic performances in the studio. Occasionally, Triple J will host a live performance in a secret location, and give away tickets to a limited number of listeners, to allow them to be a part of the special event.

First we have 'The Acoustic Sessions' recorded 92-93 (I think!) line-up including - Tex Perkins, Don Walker & Charlie Owen / Smudge / The Blackeye
d Susans / Ed Kuepper And Mark Dawson

Next is 'Live at the Wireless' same era 92/93 with a selection of Australian and International bands, Violent Femmes / Beasts Of Bourbon / Faith No More / Falling Joys / Straitjacket Fits....... 19 songs in all

Hunters and Collectors - Box of Singles

Hunter and Collectors in full flight, 5 singles from Cut 1992 and Demon Flower 1994. Many many bands fill their B sides with out takes and live recordings, not the Hunnas, all quality here. Even comes with the CD art....... enjoy

- Back In The Hole
- Head Above Water
- Imaginary Girl
- True Tears Of Joy
- We The People

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Discography - Rain Parade

many thanks to peter

Emergency Third Rail (Enigma) 1983
Explosions in the Glass Palace EP (Enigma) 1984
Beyond the Sunset (Restless) 1985
Crashing Dream (Island) 1986

If you have never heard of these guy you are missing a rare delight. Think of Rickenbacker guitars, vox amps, lush melodies. Think of The Doors, The Byrds...........

Among the L.A. groups dubbed Paisley Underground (Dream Syndicate, the Bangles, Three O'Clock), Rain Parade were the closest to being the real deal for their use of psychedelic flourishes throughout their first album. Formed in Los Angeles in the early '80s, the group consisted of David Roback (vocals, guitar), Steven Roback (vocals, bass) who had been in a band called The Unconscious with Susanna Hoffs (who went on to lead the most famous of the Paisley Underground bands, The Bangles, Matt Piucci (vocals, guitar), Will Glenn (keyboards), and Eddie Kalwa (drums). Their first single, "What She's Done to Your Mind," was a certifiable hit on college radio, and the band quickly followed with a full-length LP for Enigma in 1983, Emergency Third Rail Power Trip. For 1984's Explosions in the Glass Palace, the band lost David Roback to Opal. Later John Thoman took over and Mark Marcum filled in for the departed Eddie Kalwa on the live album Beyond the Sunset (1985) and Crashing Dream (Island, 1986) before disbanding. David Roback went on to finesse Opal into Mazzy Star with Will Glenn and vocalist, Hope Sandoval. Steven Roback and Thoman worked as Viva Saturn, and Piucci recorded an album with Crazy Horse -- yes, that Crazy Horse.

Emergency Third Rail

Explosions in the Glass Palace EP

Crashing Dream

Beyond the Sunset

Don't have this one, wish I did.........

Jettie - Kites for Charity

one for hank

This time a band from Sweden, the album due for release later this month.

A band whose overseas critical acclaim has garnered press attention and fans the world over, JETTIE's sound is reminiscent to that of early REM or Scandinavian contemporaries Johan and Daryll Ann. A dark and stark, truly powerful and uplifting listen, JETTIE's brand of tortured yet anthemic pop brilliance is undeniably some of the best radio-friendly rock being made today.

Soaring like the most graceful of birds over grey clouds, JETTIE is an inspirational trip into the heavens. Having toured Europe w/ Hydra Head / Bad Taste artist LOGH and the US w/ New Atlantic and Waking Ashland on their last album, JETTIE is set to make their mark on the American public w/ "Kites For Charity" - an album that is sure to turn heads and once more focus even more attention on the amazing scene coming from Sweden's icy dark peninsula.

Sherwood - Different Light

To my ears a cross between All American Rejects and Blink 182.......not a bad combination. Sing along choruses, predictable and familiar........ I like it, well worth a listen.

On Sherwood's second full-length album, its debut on Myspace Records, the amiable ensemble, hailing from San Luis Obispo, California, goes for an even brighter and more buoyant sound than on their previous outing. Happily situated on the sunny side of the emo/punk-pop sound, the group clearly values catchy melodies over angst and indie cred, as revealed on the harmony-laden "Middle of the Night" and the soaring "Song in My Head."

Elvis Jackson - Summer Edition

A Slovenian ska punk hard core reggae metal band. Album "Summer Edition" was self released in January 2003 and is distributed in Slovenia by Slovene record label Multimedia Rec. Not my taste at all but a mate from Germany raves about these guys and I promised to post this for him. Cheers Marco pogo all around the flat mate.

Caribou - Milk of Human Kindness

a request from my sister

Dan Snaith's UP IN FLAMES (recorded under the name Manitoba) was a surprise critical hit in 2003, and proved Snaith not only conversant with noise-heavy trance rock, electronica, and arty indie pop, but capable of synthesizing these elements with a vibrant, postmodern flair that brought something new to the mix. Two years and a name change later, Snaith (recording now under the name Caribou) reappeared with THE MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS. On it he raises the bar significantly, widening his stylistic palette, opening up his productions, adding layers of percussion and effects, and creating a work of beauty and individuality.

MILK is quite atmospheric, with swaths of organic psychedelia, digital ambience, shoegazer guitar swirl, and metronomic, Kraut rock-inspired groove (the latter, especially, on "A Final Warning" and "Bees"). Snaith's vocal tracks fit nicely alongside the instrumentals. The restrained verses of "Yeti," the album's gentle-aggressive opener, and the minor-key folk drone in "Hello Hammerheads" somehow complement the hip-hop music box collages of "Lord Leopard" and "Narrow Pelicans." While this may all sound like random, stylistic overload on paper, the overall result--a pulsing, multi-textured, artfully conducted mind-ride--makes for an extremely rewarding listen.

Jeremy Oxley -

many thanks to hank - a man with impeccable musical tastes

Jeremy Oxley was the song-writer, singer and guitarist for 1980s Australian pop-rock band The Sunnyboys.

The band dissolved in '84 following internal dissent and industry disappointments. Jeremy went on to form the Chinless Elite in '85 to explore cover songs of soul legends; like Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and Jimmy Cox/Eric Clapton.

In '86 came a call back to his musical club roots, and an EP was produced under the name of the Fisherman.

In '87 Peter, Bill and Richard were all playing in other bands, so Jeremy reforms the Sunnyboys with a new line-up. The album Wildcat released 3 singles. The band retired early due to an accident damaging Jeremy's hand. Recovering in early 90's, Jeremy re-formed the original Sunnyboys line-up for a re-union. They released 2 albums: Play the Best and Shak'n Live.

In '93 Jeremy returned again to writing a solo acoustic album, A Little Bit of You in Me.

After the Sunnyboys appearance at the Mushroom Concert in '98, Jeremy returned to the country to concentrate on his art. During that time he composed two CDs: Sanctuary 9, and Monastery.

Silverchair - Frogstomp

still love this record, Tomorrow a classic Aussie Hit

Silverchair’s debut album, Frogstomp, was recorded in just nine days in early 1995.At the time of recording, Silverchair's members were only 15 years old. Frogstomp's lyrical concepts are fictional-based, mostly from television ("Pure Massacre", "Israel's Son", "Tomorrow"), hometown tragedies ("Faultline" was based on the 1989 Newcastle Earthquake, in which a childhood friend died) and perceptions of the pain of friends ("Shade", "Suicidal Dream").

A #1 hit in Australia and New Zealand, Silverchair went on to become the first Australian artist since INXS to hit the U.S. Top 10, selling more than 2.5 million copies throughout the world. As Frogstomp and "Tomorrow" propelled Silverchair to musical superstardom through 1996, the group juggled memorable performances on the roof of Radio City Music Hall and tours with Red Hot Chili Peppers alongside full time schooling commitments back home in Newcastle.

Primal Scream - Riot City Blues

Yes guys Primal Scream, this is not their dance, electronic incarnation but Stones, Black Crows influenced rock. After all Gillespie was the drummer in Jesus and Mary Chain. GYes it’s contrived and been done before but so what good guitar riffs are always welcome in my collection. Critics like to rubbish this band and yes they have served up some shit in the past, but this is a great album. If you liked their ’Rocks Off’ offering you will love this. Another record I play lots.

Primal Scream are a Scottish alternative rock group formed in 1982 in Glasgow by Bobby Gillespie vocal) andJim Beattie. The current lineup consist of Gillespie, Andrew Innes (guitar), Martin Duffy keyboards), Gary "Mani" Mounfield (bass), and Darrin Mooney drums). Barrie Coddigan toured with the band in 2006 as a temporary replacement after the departure guitarist Robert "Throb" Young. Young's permanent replacement has not yet been announced.

The band performed throughout 1982-1984, but their career didn't especially take off until Gillespie left his position as drummer of The Jesus and Mary Chain. The band became associated with the C86 scene, but eventually moved away from their more jangly sound and developed a more psychedelic, and later a dance-influenced sound. Their 1991 album Screamadelica broke the band into the mainstream. Despite multiple lineup changes, the band has remained commercially successful and continues to tour and record to this day.

On 2006's RIOT CITY BLUES, the revered U.K. alternative-rock band Primal Scream acts as if its late-1990s/early-2000s foray into electronica was nothing but a vivid dream, opting instead to pick up where '94's Stones-worshiping GIVE OUT BUT DON'T GIVE UP left off. With production handled by former Killing Joke bassist Youth and violinist Warren Ellis, a frequent Nick Cave foil, on board for several tracks, it's not surprising that the album often has a moody, angular sound (see the brooding "Little Death"), but frontman Bobby Gillespie's love of '70s glam and pub rock looms even larger, as on the searing Bowie-indebted "Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar." Though it may perplex many fans, RIOT CITY BLUES is a fun tour through rock history, as seen through Gillespie's proudly blurry vision.
The debut single, "Country Girl", became the band's highest charting in their career, while the album charted at #5 in the UK. "Dolls (Sweet Rock and Roll)" and "Sometimes I Feel So Lonely" where also released as singles in 2006.

The Freeloaders - Dead Before My Time & Through the Sound Barrier

thanking eternally yours

The Freeloaders were a Melbourne based group who play intense, passionate and melodic rock and roll with a strong debt to classic 60's garage punk, psychedelia, folk rock and the great rockers of the 70s like The Flamin' Groovies, Real Kids, New York Dolls, the Saints and Television. The group formed in Melbourne some time in mid '91. Three of the four original members - singer/guitarist Guy Lucas, Drummer Stewart Tabert and bassist/singer Ian Wettenhall had previously been three quarters of Australia's original rock'n'roll nomads, the Philistines, an internationally acclaimed garage/psych band who relocated from Hobart to Adelaide to Sydney to Melbourne in a brief life span that produced two classic mini LPs and one fine album. The forth original member singer/guitarist Sean Greenway, was previously in Melbourne teen-punk band God, a seminal group that also gave members to Hoss and The Powder Monkeys. This original lineup recorded the Something for Nothing single, a couple of compilation cuts and the bulk of the Sqalifacations album, which was completed after Ian's departure in early 1994. Shortly after the LPs release in late '94, Sean quit, forcing Guy and Stewie to regroup with bassist Dave Grey from numerous Adelaide bands, and guitarist Damien Smith from defunct Sydney band Beard. It was this superior lineup that cut the killer EP Dead Before My Time. It featured five tracks ranging from the bona fide punk rock classic that is the title track, to the closing stooges style workout , 'Get Some Sin. The EP highlights the killer dual guitars of Guy and Damien, the great songwriting of Guy and Dave and the despair ridden lyrics - of which Guy is the chief source. Since the EPs release in February 1996, the band has toured extensively in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. They've had the honour of supporting spiritual forefather Fred Coles's band Dead Moon , opened for You Am I and supported Radio Birdman legend Deniz Tek as well as being stalwarts in the ever healthy Melbourne rock 'n' roll scene. On March 1st of 1998, Guy Lucas the singer, songwriter and guitarist for band died aged 31.

Through the Sound Barrier

Dead Before My Time

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Triffids - The Black Swan

This was the last studio offering from the band. It was well received, but the success wasn’t overwhelming, which disappointed the band members. That, together with being tired from the constant travelling and touring, led to the band being dissolved. The group even made it to America in 1989 for a pair of New York dates before taking a much needed vacation – one which turned permanent.

We didn’t know they were final performances. Dave wanted to do a solo album and we were due to get back together after that. Much to his chagrin his solo album took longer than expected and he kept writing songs that sounded like Triffids songs. Domesticity snuck up on most of us, poor health snuck up on Dave, a planned ’94 reunion tour was put on hold, and the Triffids faded into the mist. - Graham Lee

The band's last Australian shows were towards the end of 1989, with the final show at the Australian National University in August, 1989. 1990 saw the release of the live Stockholm album, which completed the Triffids’ contractual obligations with Island.

Line-Up: Jill Birt (keyboards, organ, programming & vocals), David McComb (lead vocals, guitar, piano, organ, glock, & happy whistler), Alsy MacDonald (drums, tambourine, programming & claves), Graham Lee (lap steel, guitar, vocals & banjo), Martyn Casey (bass & vocals), Rob McComb (guitar, mandolin & harmonica) with guests Adam Peters (cello, organ & loops), Phil Kakalus (double bass, bazouki, percussion, guiro & guitar), Jack Embow (accordian), Rita Menendez (vocals), Stephen Street (drum machine & shaker), John Metcaife (viola), Helen Cummings (viola), Kathy Shave (violin), Louise Fuller (violin), Robert Wolard (cello), Richael Maguire (cello), Andrew Davies (double bass)

Release Date: April 1989

Production Credits: All songs recorded The Justice Room, Cathanger, Somerset, September-October 1988, mixed at The Fallout Shelter, London, November 1988, produced and engineered by Stephen Street, assistant engineer Giles Adam, assistants Ingmar King and Ed Buller

Notes: A film clip was made for the song Goodbye Little Boy. At the time of making this album Stephen Street declared it better than any of The Smiths records he worked on. This was after we had managed to get the notoriously clean living Street roaring drunk, however.

Screaming Trees - Unreleased Demos

I’m a huge fan of these guys, personally I thick Mark Lanegan has the best voice in rock music. This recording here has songs not available anywhere. I don’t know where or when it was recorded but it has some of my favourite ST songs. One of my most loved and treasured recordings.

All members have moved on to other musical projects. Lanegan has released several highly acclaimed solo recordings, and was a part-time member of Queens of the Stone Age. Lanegan released Bubblegum, his latest solo album in August of 2004, and is working with former The Afghan Whigs leader Greg Dulli in a new project named The Gutter Twins as well as on-going collaborations under the Twilight Singers name. I have some songs from The Glitter Twins I’ll post later. In 2006, he released a collaboration with former Belle & Sebastian cellist Isobel Campbell entitled Ballad Of The Broken Seas to great critical acclaim.

Van Conner formed the band VALIS in 1998 with Dan Peters (of Mudhoney), Patrick Conner and Kurt Danielson. The group is currently on Small Stone Records and has released 4 albums. VALIS/Kitty Kitty, Vast Active Living Intelligence System, Head Full of Pills and 2005's Champions of Magic. After Dan and Kurt left the group they were replaced with Sean Hollister, Wes Weresch and Adrian Makins.

The Slab - Covers

For some bands the 'kiss of death' to be labeled a 'covers' band. I can still remember seeing Powderfinger play at the Irish Pub in The Valley doing 90% Rolling Stones covers to a packed house of mostly beautiful women. I know in the bands I played in we usually had at least one cover in our set. My favourites from those days being 'Swampland' Scientists and 'Stepping Stone, Monkeys. These days I sit at home and play covers for favourites this week being 'Dead Flowers' Stones and 'Darklands' Jesus and Mary Chain.

So why do bands play covers? To respect their heritage, to surprise the crowd and it's fun. R.E.M, Pearl Jam, Oasis all play covers when they play live. So tonight in the second edition of The Slab I give you 24 of the best covers I can find. We have Nick Cave, R.E.M, Teenage Fanclub, The Hitmen, Sports, Paul Kelly, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Iggy Pop, Dinosaur Jr, Johnny Cash, The Saints, The Stems to name a few. Again my favourite Ups and Downs doing 'Solitary Man' by Niel Diamond, if you have never heard this you have missed one of the modern wonders.

Music For Your Eyes - Videos

Something NEW folks……. MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES. I love music videos!! Back in my misspent youth I would come home on a Friday and Saturday night and collapse in front of ‘Rage’. Yesterday tricky reminded me of a video show by Susan Dowling. So a new segment is born

During my un-coordinated roaming on the net I have stumbled across many. Time to share a few of my favourites. Firstly a couple from Nada Surf, live at a show in Germany, only got these yesterday. Poster over there.

And some Aussie stuff from Powderfinger and Spiderbait. A bit of trivia for you, DAF from Powderfinger is named after the three chords used in the song…… enjoy, I did.

Nada Surf

Powderfinger daf my happiness

Spiderbait spiderbait(I forget which one....sorry)

Warumpi Band - Big Name No Blankets

a post by tricky

The Warumpi Band is an Australian band from the bush, coming from Papunya, Northern Territory, Australia.

The band was formed in 1980 by Neil Murray, a Victorian "whitefella" working in the region as a schoolteacher and labourer, George Burarrwanga, from Elcho Island, and local boys Gordon and Sammy Butcher. Over the years, many different people played in the band at various times. The only consistent elements were Murray and Burarrwanga, with Sammy Butcher generally being available so long as band commitments didn't take him too far from home for too long.

In 1983, the band recorded "Jailanguru Pakarnu", the first song using an aboriginal language in a rock'n'roll format. This created some mainstream media interest, and the band made a few trips to the big cities of Melbourne and Sydney for gigs and TV appearances.

In Sydney, they built up a loyal following in the Sydney northern beaches pub rock scene, and played as support to Midnight Oil. In 1985 the band released their debut album "Big Name, No Blankets", featuring the track "Blackfella/Whitefella".

In 1986, Midnight Oil and the Warumpi Band embarked on the "Blackfella/Whitefella Tour" which brought one of Australia's biggest bands to some of the country's remotest locations. The resulting Midnight Oil album, "Diesel and Dust" was an international hit and brought the issues of land rights and aboriginal reconciliation into the national spotlight.

The Warumpi Band recorded their second album, "Go Bush!" after the tour, but the strain of balancing family commitments with the band took its toll and they were unable to capitalise on the groundswell created by the Blackfella/Whitefella tour.

Neil Murray embarked on a solo career in 1990, though the band still reunited when it fitted in amongst their other activities.

1996 saw the release of their third and final album "Too Much Humbug", and a renewed (if brief) commitment including a European tour. Burarrwanga is reputed to have arrived in Paris and been amazed that people in this so-called civilised nation couldn't even speak English - after all, he himself spoke nearly a dozen different languages of the north of Australia.

In the following years, reunion gigs were sporadic, generally for festivals and other one-off appearances. In 2000, Neil Murray decided enough was enough and retired from the band for good, concentrating on his solo career which by that time had produced several critically acclaimed albums.

George Burarrwanga continued to perform as a solo artist, and released an album. In 2007, he returned to his "Island Home" when lung cancer took him, and he passed away on June 10th of that year.

Sammy Butcher remains heavily involved with a recording studio in Alice Springs, bringing the opportunity to record to outback youth. He has also recorded an album of instrumental guitar songs.