Friday, January 4, 2008

Lloyd Cole and The Commotions - Rattlesnakes (Deluxe Edition)

repaying some debts ..... for peter (the time bandit)

Here is the Deluxe 2 CD set released in 2004. The deluxe edition includes the 10 original album tracks, the four tracks from the bonus edition and 14 additional tracks, including demos, concert and radio performances. Note the different album cover produced for the Deluxe Edition.

Formed in 1982 and signed to Polydor in 1984, the band was known for combining Clark's encyclopedic, yet often twangy, guitar savvy with Cole's low-key singing style. Their auspicious debut effort Rattlesnakes (1984) was initially dismissed as a "student bedsit classic", but now is regularly cited as one of the important works in rock music (and is much revered as a student bedsit classic...). Rattlesnakes, contained literary and pop culture references to such figures as Norman Mailer, Grace Kelly, Eva Marie Saint, Truman Capote and Joan Didion.

Paul Hardiman gave Rattlesnakes a clean and elegant production, and Anne Dudley (who had scored The Lexicon of Love for ABC) was brought in to provide the album's much-noted orchestrations. The album was scored with a keen desire to keep it elegant and avoid "schmaltz", and string arrangements began coming back into rock music in the years following its release.

The group produced two more albums, Easy Pieces and Mainstream, before disbanding in 1989, when Cole relocated to New York to record with various artists, including Fred Maher, Robert Quine and Matthew Sweet.

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