Monday, June 16, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

Greetings to ALL

Firstly many thanks to ken, tricky, mel and cob for their contributions. Also to spike-x cheers for taking the time and contributing his thoughts.

The sole purpose of this blog is to share music. The essence of karma is the unconditional and selfless act of giving. I encourage all responses to what goes on in this blog whether they are complimentary or negative. I will also exhibit my right of reply.

I've had a couple of negative responses of late, from the 'e police' and the obligatory 'Anonymous' expressing their dislike for me 'leeching' and 'stealing' music...... all of the music on this blog can be readily found on countless sites across the net .... I see it as sharing, the giving without the expectation of reward. As far as the artists are concerned they receive a minuscule amount for each unit sold, the main financial gain for bands are merchandise sales and ticket sales for live shows ... blog spots are promoting their music to people who otherwise would never hear it.

Basically if you have a problem with this don't download the music, don't search blog sites .. that is the essence of 'freedom of choice' But personally I suggest YOU GET A LIFE. The world is full of negativity and selfishness, with the support of the people who contribute to this blog .... the journey continues.

I've also had skids over as ausrock telling me I should 'acknowledge' the original uploaders. Well mate I try to give everyone a mention.... but hey I'm not perfect..... sometimes I forget where the music comes from.... sometimes I just don't have the time .... to anyone I have omitted in recognising their contribution ..... please accept my sincerely apologies

Message to the maddies crew and any kind Samaritan'

I need some help...... been searching all week without much luck .... I'm after some music from 'The Waifs' found their new album ... but locked with a password...... also after anything by 'Motor Ace' and 'Alex Lloyd' ....... any help would be appreciated

thanking you

stay tuned got some music from 'Nick Drake' for all to enjoy ...... I'm in acoustic mode at the moment.

again cheers to all who have contributed

peace and love