Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jeremy Oxley -

many thanks to hank - a man with impeccable musical tastes

Jeremy Oxley was the song-writer, singer and guitarist for 1980s Australian pop-rock band The Sunnyboys.

The band dissolved in '84 following internal dissent and industry disappointments. Jeremy went on to form the Chinless Elite in '85 to explore cover songs of soul legends; like Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and Jimmy Cox/Eric Clapton.

In '86 came a call back to his musical club roots, and an EP was produced under the name of the Fisherman.

In '87 Peter, Bill and Richard were all playing in other bands, so Jeremy reforms the Sunnyboys with a new line-up. The album Wildcat released 3 singles. The band retired early due to an accident damaging Jeremy's hand. Recovering in early 90's, Jeremy re-formed the original Sunnyboys line-up for a re-union. They released 2 albums: Play the Best and Shak'n Live.

In '93 Jeremy returned again to writing a solo acoustic album, A Little Bit of You in Me.

After the Sunnyboys appearance at the Mushroom Concert in '98, Jeremy returned to the country to concentrate on his art. During that time he composed two CDs: Sanctuary 9, and Monastery.

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