Thursday, January 3, 2008

Discography - Rain Parade

many thanks to peter

Emergency Third Rail (Enigma) 1983
Explosions in the Glass Palace EP (Enigma) 1984
Beyond the Sunset (Restless) 1985
Crashing Dream (Island) 1986

If you have never heard of these guy you are missing a rare delight. Think of Rickenbacker guitars, vox amps, lush melodies. Think of The Doors, The Byrds...........

Among the L.A. groups dubbed Paisley Underground (Dream Syndicate, the Bangles, Three O'Clock), Rain Parade were the closest to being the real deal for their use of psychedelic flourishes throughout their first album. Formed in Los Angeles in the early '80s, the group consisted of David Roback (vocals, guitar), Steven Roback (vocals, bass) who had been in a band called The Unconscious with Susanna Hoffs (who went on to lead the most famous of the Paisley Underground bands, The Bangles, Matt Piucci (vocals, guitar), Will Glenn (keyboards), and Eddie Kalwa (drums). Their first single, "What She's Done to Your Mind," was a certifiable hit on college radio, and the band quickly followed with a full-length LP for Enigma in 1983, Emergency Third Rail Power Trip. For 1984's Explosions in the Glass Palace, the band lost David Roback to Opal. Later John Thoman took over and Mark Marcum filled in for the departed Eddie Kalwa on the live album Beyond the Sunset (1985) and Crashing Dream (Island, 1986) before disbanding. David Roback went on to finesse Opal into Mazzy Star with Will Glenn and vocalist, Hope Sandoval. Steven Roback and Thoman worked as Viva Saturn, and Piucci recorded an album with Crazy Horse -- yes, that Crazy Horse.

Emergency Third Rail

Explosions in the Glass Palace EP

Crashing Dream

Beyond the Sunset

Don't have this one, wish I did.........


tricky said...

hey Bruce

I've never listened to Rain Parade so will try and find the time

here is "Beyond The Sunset" (I think)



Anonymous said...

There is one more record of "The Rain Parade", called "Demolition"! This CD contains mostly unreleased and alternative tracks of the album "Crashing Dream".

And check out the album of "Rainy Day" with many members of "The Rain Parade".

Also there's a solo-album of Matt Piucci from 2000 "Hellenes".
And don't forget the rare album of "Gone Fishin'" (Tim Lee & Matt Piucci) "Can't Get Lost When You're Going Nowhere" from 1986.

tricky said...

here's the gone fishin' album (swiped the link from another blog - digivinyltal)

I think the file is passworded - pw is PVAcblog

** I havent downloaded so apologies if this doesnt work **

Note to Anonymous -- that Rainy Day album is the one featuring Susannah Hoffs of the bangles in some sort of Paisley Underground all-star band -- do you have a link at all? Can you upload it?

bruce said...

I've got the Opal'Happy Nightmare Baby' with David Roback which went on into Mazzy Star with Will Glenn and vocalist, Hope Sandoval

cheers for the info ano, cheers for the links tricky

Anonymous said...

the rain parade are one of those bands that get referenced quite a bit, but not that many folks have had a chance to actually hear their music - thanks for this post!
I've got a copy of Demolition (the famous "lost" album), here it is for whoever might want it -


bruce said...

cheers Ken, we're hunting down a couple of albums that various members played on, the Opal album is great I'll post it tomorrow.
cheers mate

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for Rain Parade, I did buy them when they came out - but got lost along the way, so great to hear them again. Thanks from Magical West Dorset.

Anonymous said...

That'll be great to up something from VIVA SATURN if anyone has got any of their albums that is.
Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

Soundmind would be pretty cool anyone has got that!?

Anonymous said...

After watching Sir Paul McCartney on Dave Letterman
last night, I'm in great spirits! Many thanks for SO MANY GREAT POSTS! So much great music, so little time! Curtis Mayfield

Anonymous said...

hola, el link para crashing dream está caído. Podrías re-subirlo? gracias y saludos!