Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Triffids - The Black Swan

This was the last studio offering from the band. It was well received, but the success wasn’t overwhelming, which disappointed the band members. That, together with being tired from the constant travelling and touring, led to the band being dissolved. The group even made it to America in 1989 for a pair of New York dates before taking a much needed vacation – one which turned permanent.

We didn’t know they were final performances. Dave wanted to do a solo album and we were due to get back together after that. Much to his chagrin his solo album took longer than expected and he kept writing songs that sounded like Triffids songs. Domesticity snuck up on most of us, poor health snuck up on Dave, a planned ’94 reunion tour was put on hold, and the Triffids faded into the mist. - Graham Lee

The band's last Australian shows were towards the end of 1989, with the final show at the Australian National University in August, 1989. 1990 saw the release of the live Stockholm album, which completed the Triffids’ contractual obligations with Island.

Line-Up: Jill Birt (keyboards, organ, programming & vocals), David McComb (lead vocals, guitar, piano, organ, glock, & happy whistler), Alsy MacDonald (drums, tambourine, programming & claves), Graham Lee (lap steel, guitar, vocals & banjo), Martyn Casey (bass & vocals), Rob McComb (guitar, mandolin & harmonica) with guests Adam Peters (cello, organ & loops), Phil Kakalus (double bass, bazouki, percussion, guiro & guitar), Jack Embow (accordian), Rita Menendez (vocals), Stephen Street (drum machine & shaker), John Metcaife (viola), Helen Cummings (viola), Kathy Shave (violin), Louise Fuller (violin), Robert Wolard (cello), Richael Maguire (cello), Andrew Davies (double bass)

Release Date: April 1989

Production Credits: All songs recorded The Justice Room, Cathanger, Somerset, September-October 1988, mixed at The Fallout Shelter, London, November 1988, produced and engineered by Stephen Street, assistant engineer Giles Adam, assistants Ingmar King and Ed Buller

Notes: A film clip was made for the song Goodbye Little Boy. At the time of making this album Stephen Street declared it better than any of The Smiths records he worked on. This was after we had managed to get the notoriously clean living Street roaring drunk, however.

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