Thursday, January 3, 2008

Primal Scream - Riot City Blues

Yes guys Primal Scream, this is not their dance, electronic incarnation but Stones, Black Crows influenced rock. After all Gillespie was the drummer in Jesus and Mary Chain. GYes it’s contrived and been done before but so what good guitar riffs are always welcome in my collection. Critics like to rubbish this band and yes they have served up some shit in the past, but this is a great album. If you liked their ’Rocks Off’ offering you will love this. Another record I play lots.

Primal Scream are a Scottish alternative rock group formed in 1982 in Glasgow by Bobby Gillespie vocal) andJim Beattie. The current lineup consist of Gillespie, Andrew Innes (guitar), Martin Duffy keyboards), Gary "Mani" Mounfield (bass), and Darrin Mooney drums). Barrie Coddigan toured with the band in 2006 as a temporary replacement after the departure guitarist Robert "Throb" Young. Young's permanent replacement has not yet been announced.

The band performed throughout 1982-1984, but their career didn't especially take off until Gillespie left his position as drummer of The Jesus and Mary Chain. The band became associated with the C86 scene, but eventually moved away from their more jangly sound and developed a more psychedelic, and later a dance-influenced sound. Their 1991 album Screamadelica broke the band into the mainstream. Despite multiple lineup changes, the band has remained commercially successful and continues to tour and record to this day.

On 2006's RIOT CITY BLUES, the revered U.K. alternative-rock band Primal Scream acts as if its late-1990s/early-2000s foray into electronica was nothing but a vivid dream, opting instead to pick up where '94's Stones-worshiping GIVE OUT BUT DON'T GIVE UP left off. With production handled by former Killing Joke bassist Youth and violinist Warren Ellis, a frequent Nick Cave foil, on board for several tracks, it's not surprising that the album often has a moody, angular sound (see the brooding "Little Death"), but frontman Bobby Gillespie's love of '70s glam and pub rock looms even larger, as on the searing Bowie-indebted "Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar." Though it may perplex many fans, RIOT CITY BLUES is a fun tour through rock history, as seen through Gillespie's proudly blurry vision.
The debut single, "Country Girl", became the band's highest charting in their career, while the album charted at #5 in the UK. "Dolls (Sweet Rock and Roll)" and "Sometimes I Feel So Lonely" where also released as singles in 2006.

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