Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rain Parade

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Got a bit of feedback and info regarding the previous post...

Anonymous said... There is one more record of "The Rain Parade", called "Demolition"! This CD contains mostly unreleased and alternative tracks of the album "Crashing Dream".

And check out the album of "Rainy Day" with many members of "The Rain Parade".

Also there's a solo-album of Matt Piucci from 2000 "Hellenes".

And don't forget the rare album of "Gone Fishin'" (Tim Lee & Matt Piucci) "Can't Get Lost When You're Going Nowhere" from 1982

One of the progenitors of "The Paisley Underground", catch-all term used to corral together a diparate bunch of American bands, writers and performers whose music filtered elements of 60's psychedelia with New Wave energy and a 1980's sensibility, Rain Parade were always a criminally underrated outfit. Using trailing fuzztone guitars and oblique lyricism that echoed such obscure legends as The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, "You Are My Friend" originally came from the mini-album "Explosions in The Glass Palace", which coupled with their debut album, "Emergency Third Rail Power Trip", is now thoughtfully housed on one Demon-CD. This was their finest hour; a subsequent move to a major label resulted in a live album with a picture of a gang of budgerigars on the cover. David Roback jumped ship and, after forming Opal with ex-Dream Syndicate bass person Kendra Smith, can now be heard providing the musical backdrops to Hope Sandoval's plaintive vocals in the wonderful Mazzy Star.

Rain Parade - Beyond the Sunset (Live in Japan)

Rain Parade -Demolition (Sorry no artwork)

Rainy Day - Rainy Day

Tim Lee & Matt Piucci - Gone Fishin'


Anonymous said...

Can't believe you posted this album!!! I Had it on vinyl back in the 80's and lost it somewhere along the way!! I can't say thanks enough for this great memory jog!!! Keep on posting!!!

Will M.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the "Gone fishin'" !!!!
Got the vinyl record.
Never found it on CD!
Great blog !!!



Here is a collection of live tracks and demos by THE RAIN PARADE. Hope you like it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this very nice one!!

Adi said...

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e6gMan said...

The Rain Parade/Demolition link isn't working. Can you pleas ere-up?
Thanks! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Do the songs cut off on the original record like MP3s do in the file for Beyond The Sunset?