Friday, January 4, 2008

Pop on Top - The Cream of Australian Power-pop Crop

one from hank

A collection of Aussie power-pop from 1996

He's Not Around - The Chevelles 2.Stupid Dream – Even 3.Doggy - Jack & The Beanstalk 4.1*2* Devastated - DM3 5.Windmill – Superscope 6.3rd Times A Charm – Hub 7.Shameless – Flanders 8.10AM – Rosebuds 9.Sunshine Changes Everything - Early Hours 10.Insane – Rollercoaster 11.Just The Way – Epstein 12.Tuesday's Girl – Pyramidiacs 13.Just Gave In - Melcome Mat 14.Cheap Thrills - Tune Bureau 15.Run Like Hell - Summer Sums 16.Jenny - St. Jude 17.Wait A Lifetime - Challenger 7 18.Couldn't I Just Tell You - Hammerfish (previously unreleased) 19.Sweetness Meeting - Flavour Of The Month 20.Bye - Ice Cream Hands


Bottlelow said...

Is a top album Thanks Hank & Bruce

bruce said...

gidday bottlelow, another one coming your way today
cheers b