Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Someloves - Something or Other

The Someloves, were a alternative rock band from Perth, Western Australia. The were noted for their 1980s power-pop underground style. The Someloves were led by Dom Mariani andDarryl Mather each of whom were also in two other seminal Australian garage bands, The Stems and The Lime Spiders.

The bulk of the album was recorded in Perth at Planet Sudios in 1989. Mitch Easter had planned to come to Australia to start the recording but had to cancel a week before he was due, after a tornado hit his hometown. The sound engineer for the album was John Villani. Robert 'Robbie' Scorer, from Mariani's high school band, was on drums and on bass was Tony Italiano, a sound engineer who had been present during auditions for The Someloves' bass player and at some point had said "Look I can play bass. Give me a go".

After they had recorded the basics - drums, bass, main vocals and most of the guitars, Mariaini and Mather flew to the United States with the tapes in order to do the overdubs and the mixing at Eater's studio. Easter added a few guitar tracks and his wife at the time, Annie Carlson, played keyboards, with Bobby Sutliff and Jamie Hoover guesting on vocals. Six weeks after they had arrived in the US the album was finally finished.

For $60,000, which included a stay at the Winston Salem Comfort Inn, Mushroom now owned a record that was never going to be toured. The

Someloves debut album, Something Or Other, was released in 1990.

"we told them upfront, 'We're not going to play live, we're a studio band,' but I don't think they really listened to us. So when the alum came out with great initial impact, the label said 'Okay, fellas, when are you going on tour?" - Dom Mariani

Although The Someloves only released one album and remain virtually unknown on an international level Both Mather and Mariani did remain active in the Australian rock scene, Mather going on to The Orange Humble Band, and Mariani to DM3 and the instrumental group the Majestic Kelp, also recording a solo album in 2004.

Something Or Other is widely considered one of the essential power-pop recordings and is highly regarded among power pop collectors.

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