Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Johnnys - Grown Up Wrong

This is a strange one for me. I know Spencer and the boys quite well. A good mate of mine Speedie(short, stocky, mohawk) was their roadie. Buy I can't recall this record. I can find no cover art, all I can tell you is that is was released in 1988 and you can buy a 'good condition copy' for $18.00 0n eBay. I give you a picture of Spencer during a one off show in 2004. Go hard Spencer a true rock legend.


Tricky said...

Yeeee-hahhhh !!!!!!! Giddy-Up .. love The Johnnys

here are 2 more Hoodoo Gurus related uploads I did this morning for you: (from Triple J)

keep posting these fantastic albums


Anonymous said...

hello bruce. thanks for the auzzie music. saw these brisbane (?) guys, Butterfingers on utube - do you have the record, Breakfast at Fatboys? i've been looking for a long time but all i find is music by a malaysian band with the same name. thanks a lot mate!

tricky said...

Here is a Johnnys concert from France 1990 ... not perfect quality but good enough for a listen

thanks to original uploader (I cant remember who it was)

bruce said...

cheer tricky, adding them to the vault now, already have stoneage romeos, where do you find this stuff? Checked out that site, good but many files dead, or corrupt in download, got a couple....all good.... dude if you come by any powderfinger .. I'm missing 3 albums could you let me know cheers mate

tricky said...

which powderfinger do you need Bruce .. I have heaps

bruce said...

tricky, your the man ..
parables for wooden ears
double allergic
odyssey number 5

you should be the one with the blog
once again cheers mate

bruce said...

tricky - how are you dude? went to get the Johnnys got file not found have a look at the comments the address you gave me is cut short... do you think that could be the problem?

Anonymous said...

Any tracklist for the Johnnys available?
Tracks are in alphabetical order.

bruce said...

track listing grown up wrong
1. no excusin my boozin
2. motorbikin
3. middle size john
4. grown up wrong
5. the taller man
6. the logan girls
7. cajun woman
8. bounty hunter
9 ten outlaws
10. anything could happen
11. going down

ask and you shall receive
cheers b
12. shameless girl

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tracklist !!!!
I'm German, but I like your blog and I like Australian Music very much!!!

May I ask for track no. 12?

Roadgoat said...

Grown up wrong Album Art

Love your work :)