Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Sports - The Definitive Collection

Back in the 70's my friends listened to Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen ... not really my cup of tea ... I was more into the Beatles and The Stones ... Australia had Sherbet and Skyhooks ... again held no fascination for yours truly... then came the flood Radio Birdman and The Saints on the heavier side and the new wave side with Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons, The Sunnyboys, The Go Betweens and The Riptides. The Sports were probably the most commercially successful. Still sounds good.

The Sports were a popular Australian rock group that performed and recorded between 1977 and 1981.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, the group signed to the Mushroom Records label and released a number of successful singles and albums. Their sound fit well with both 1970s British pub rock bands (such as Brinsley Schwarz) and British New Wave (such as Elvis Costello). Their best known songs include Boys (What Did The Detective Say?), Don't Throw Stones, When You Walk In The Room, How Come, Who Listens To The Radio?, Perhaps and Strangers on a Train


Hank said...

I must say Bruce, you brighten up these dark December days (and up here they're very dark, the sun sets at 3 PM). Every night, when I can kick back and relax for the first time after a day's work, there's something new to check out!

bruce said...

It's my pleasure hank, it's a lot of fun me me... good way to wind down at night, I'm not into TV, So mate where do you come from? What do you do? got some surprises for tomorrow stay tuned

Anonymous said...


can you please re-post The Sports?

Thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

Could someone please re-up this album i love The Sports

Moshe said...

Looks like the file for The Sports has been deleted, Bruce. I hope you get a chance to replace it.

Thanks for your good work, and happpy new year!