Thursday, December 20, 2007

R.E.M - Christmas Album by Fan Club

Only had the privilege to see these guys play once. During their Green Tour at Festival Hall in Brisbane. Saw many a touring act there Beach Boys, Status Quo, Alice Cooper, Stranglers, Queen,The Cure, The Clash..... the list goes on. One problem, if you don't know the pace, it was a huge hall made of galvanized iron, made to host boxing fights, the worst acoustics for a venue I have ever experienced. At the time it was the only large venue in Brisbane. To cut a long story short this was one of the best live shows I ever saw, now that is a big call..... they sounded better live than on record.

Back to this record, can't remember where I found this...... but seeing it's Christmas in x days here's my contribution to the festive season. This has some great covers, 'ghost riders in the sky', 'have you ever seen the rain', 'I will survive'. 'wicked game' if I remember it has about 20 songs. It's really quite good. And it's on mediafire so it will be quick and won't take up your time slots at the big R.

So let me get in early and wish you all a great Christmas, be good to each other, hold your friends and family close, stay safe ...... peace and love b

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just found your great blog. any chance you could repost this?