Thursday, December 20, 2007

Died Pretty - Lost

Thanking Mailee for giving me the best Christmas present ever

Ladies and Gentlemen Mailee and I give you Died Pretty 'Lost' I have been without this album for far too long. I can associate certain music with different periods of my life, I can remember events when I hear certain songs. This album encapsulates vivid memories, some good, some bad but all very important.... one of those crossroads moments.

Lost' was released in 1988 on Citadel's Blue Mosque. It showed a further evolution in the band's approach, with a pop punch balancing their epic tendencies. These two extremes are no longer separate - they are often one and the same. Tracks such as 'Winterland' showcased their ability to be eerily hummable whilst still bringing your blood to the boil. Again the critics hail the album as a triumph. The attention being given to the band prompted their signing to UK label, Beggars Banquet, for all world territories excluding Australia. The album reached #3 on the Italian pop charts, further solidifying their European fan base.

Only thing missing is the song 'everybody moves', it was intended for lost but released as a single a little later. I hope you enjoy this record it sounds as good as it did nearly 20 years ago

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geololo said...

Remastered and expanded of the early releases from this fantastic band are out those days! Please all, go & buy this!

This is an amazing music blog here, especially for any Aussie music lover! Great great job!