Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

Firstly I'd like to again thank Mailee, hank, the Time Bandit, Ausrock, all those sites I find my music at and especially the magician tricky for all the help and support you have given me in the short time I have been up and running. Just as important thank you to all of you who have visited my site and downloaded music. Without you I would be sharing nothing.

I came to Thailand three years ago with 4 CD's in my bag ( dinosaur jnr - ear bleeding territory, ben harper -fight for your mind, jet - get born and xavier rudd - solace) bought a computer 2 years ago because of work and then discovered the inter net. I'm old school, never had a computer, don't play playstation.

Now I have over 200 gigabytes of music on my external hard drive(I even know the lingo).
Last week I was surfing and found Time Bandits blog and for some reason I decided it was time to repay with my time for all the music I have found. Maybe a karma thing, well I live amongst 60 million buddists.

I'm really new at this, so I'm learning as I go along. I have set myself a couple of operating parameters

1. I really appreciate your words of support in the 'comments' section and I will attempt to reply to all messages(if you have the time to talk to me, I will return the gesture)
2. I will acknowledge all original uploads where I remember and when it is feasibly possible
3. I acknowledge that what we do in sharing files is academically illegal and maybe irresponsible BUT (always a 'but') music is no ones property, music belongs just as much to the listener as to player. Every pop song has recycled elements of other songs, every musician is influenced by those that went before. Everyone takes something from somebody . What matters is what we give back. Sharing music widens the exposure the artist gets for his music, more people go to artists concerts, more people buy their merchandise, more love and respect is shown towards the artist, more goodwill is spread in this world.
4. Feel free to download any music and repost it if you have your own site.

On a less responsible note and far more patriotic stand, I want to congratulate two young men who shared the same waves with me back home. Bebe from Stradie Island and Mick from Rainbow Bay, The Goldie.

Bebe Durbridge - Winner of The Pipeline Masters Champion
Van Tripple Crown Champion

Mick Fanning - World Surfing Champion

peace and love b


Time Bandit said...

Just as you know it... I having a ball at Mad Parade. Lots of stuff I didn't have. Thanks a lot for Died Pretty, Beast of Bourbon, The Johnnys and more. And thanks for kind words... Cheers Mate!

bruce said...

Hi Peter - cheers for the message, dude you have introduced me to lots of music I have never heard

keep on posting b