Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hummingbirds - Va Va Voom

The Hummingbirds were an indie pop or jangle pop band from Sydney, Australia, formed in 1986 from members of the band Bug Eyed Monsters. They were one of the first bands signed to the rooArt label, and had a chart hit with Blush. The Hummingbirds then signed to rooART and recorded loveBUZZ with Mitch Easter. It was a major hit and earned an American release, though sales were slow despite excellent reviews.They continued recording for Australian audiences, releasing another LP, 1992's Va Va Voom. However, the release of this album was delayed due to problems with RooArt.

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bubba said...

Many thanks, been looking for this!
(Am proud owner of "loveBUZZ" CD.)