Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ed Kuepper - Electrical Storm

one for cobber...... cheers mate

Electrical Storm released in 1985. At the time of releasing this LP, Ed Kuepper had just broke up his pervious band, The Laughing Clowns, they had run their course (a brilliant one at that). Ed Kuepper, a prodigous writer, had collected songs over several years that did not suit the Clowns avant-garde style. The best of those songs are on this LP. The title track, Electrical Storm, is laced with the intensity that we expect from Ed Kuepper. The album has some of the power of The Saints (his first band), and hints of what his later work would be like. If you want help in choosing your first Ed Kuepper album, I recommend this one


Cobber said...

Thanks heaps, Bruce.

Anything else on the ol' wishlist? For instance, the Mutton Birds from Enzed are great, in that kind of Chills/Bats jangly way.


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