Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Grant McLennan - Horsebreaker Star

Grant William McLennan (12 February 1958 – 6 May 2006) was an Australian singer-songwriter with the alternative rock band The Go-Betweens, which he co-founded with Robert Forster in Brisbane, Australia in 1977. In a career spanning almost thirty years, his work with The Go-Betweens (1977–89, and resuming 2000–06) is complemented by several solo releases and side-project collaborations with other performers.

McLennan received a number of accolades recognising his achievements and contributions as songwriter and lyricist, including the naming of his 1983 composition "Cattle and Cane" by the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) as one of the 30 greatest Australian songs of all time. Grant McLennan died in his sleep at his home in Brisbane on 6 May 2006, aged 48, from a reported heart attack.. He was preparing for a party at his home and claimed he was feeling a bit unwell, and went upstairs to lie down. He was found later that night. Over 1,000 people attended his funeral, including Australian musicians such as Paul Kelly and Ed Kuepper.

Horsebreaker Star is the third solo album by Grant McLennan, he recorded the album in Athens, Georgia with American musicians. In a 1995 interview he said the album had been "a lot of work". "I wanted it to be the kind of record that could be played by anyone, but not too obvious. You know, the London Symphony Orchestra doesn't have to do the ballads, Johnny Cash doesn't have to do the country songs. I don't like to be that predictable. I like surprises," he said. McLennan toured the US, Europe and Australia in 1995 to promote the album, playing with musicians including Anna Burley and Dave Foley from The Killjoys, and Phil Kakulas from Blackeyed Susans. His American performances received highly favourable reviews from the The New York Times and Rolling Stone, which called McLennan "one of the world's great songwriters"

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His best solo album, truly great sound to it!!