Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix.

Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix.

Teenage Fanclub: Norman Blake, Raymond McGinley (vocals, guitar); Gerald Love (vocals, bass); Paul Quinn (drums).

Additional personnel: David Bianco (vocals, guitar, piano); Jules Singleton, Sonia Slany (violin); Jocelyn Pook (viola); Dinah Beamish (cello); Nigel Hitchcock (alto saxophone); Jamie Talbot (tenor saxophone); Chris White (baritone saxophone); Steve Sidwell (trumpet); Dave Barker, Chas Banks, Jim Parsons (handclaps).

Recorded at The Manor, Shipton-on-Cherwell, England between September 5 and October 9, 1994.

The adorable Fannies are in danger of becoming a 'much-loved institution' like the Kinks and XTC: great for warm-hearted feelings, but lousy for record sales. Grand Prix breaks the band's Byrdsian mould slightly, but there are enough jangly G chords to satisfy everyone. Virtually every song is a flawless gem, complete with the most precise harmonies; each rolls into the next with love and care, played, sung and produced with supreme clarity. With the fantastic boon of possessing three talented songwriters, TFC offer plenty of variety; in particular, Gerard Love's irresistible 'Sparky's Dream' achieves classic pop song status, and his 'Don't Look Back' is this accomplished album's highlight.

Grand Prix is the fifth album by British alternative rock band Teenage Fanclub, released in 1995. Now defunct Formula One racing team Simtek provided the car that appears on the cover. In 2000 Q magazine placed Grand Prix at number 72 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever.

Track listing

1. "About You" (McGinley) – 2:41

2. "Sparky's Dream" (Love) – 3:17

3. "Mellow Doubt" (Blake) – 2:42

4. "Don't Look Back" (Love) – 3:43

5. "Verisimilitude" (McGinley) – 3:31

6. "Neil Jung" (Blake) – 4:48

7. "Tears" (Blake) – 2:43

8. "Discolite" (Love) – 3:07

9. "Say No" (McGinley) – 3:12

10. "Going Places" (Love) – 4:28

11. "I'll Make It Clear" (Blake) – 2:33

12. "I Gotta Know" (McGinley) – 3:27

13. "Hardcore/Ballad" (Blake) – 1:48


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