Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque

Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque

Teenage Fanclub: Norman Blake, Gerard Love, Raymond McGinley, Brendan O'Hare.

Additional personnel: Joseph McAlinden (brass & string synthesizers).

Recorded at Amazon Studios, Liverpool, England between April 9 & May 12, 1991.

Teenage Fanclub emerged from a fraternal milieu centred on the Scottish town of Bellshill. A common love of pop tradition bound the quartet together and elements of their mentors abound on this collection. Neil Young and Big Star are obvious reference points, but the Fannies are not merely Byrds copyists. Dizzy melodies, long-hair guitar and unpretentiousness abound, the set's attraction ultimately residing in its cumulative, carefree charm. An impishness enhances the entire proceedings; only the churlish can resist it’s obvious attractions. Since this release they have been sorely taken for granted and have become an institution rather than stars.

Bandwagonesque is the third album by British alternative rock band Teenage Fanclub, released in 1991. Bandwagonesque achieved notoriety by beating Nirvana's landmark album Nevermind to be voted 'album of the year' for 1991 by US rock magazine Spin. The cover is designed by Sharon Fitzgerald. When Kiss member Gene Simmons (who trademarked a moneybag logo) was made aware of the record he sent a letter to Geffen Records - who in turn gave in and sent Mr. Simmons a cheque, according to Simmons audiobook Sex Money Kiss.

Track listing

1. "The Concept" (Blake) – 6:07

2. "Satan" (Teenage Fanclub) – 1:22

3. "December" (Love) – 3:03

4. "What You Do to Me" (Blake) – 2:00

5. "I Don't Know" (McGinley) – 4:36

6. "Star Sign" (Love) – 4:53

7. "Metal Baby" (Blake) – 3:39

8. "Pet Rock" (Love) – 2:35

9. "Sidewinder" (Love/O'Hare) – 3:03

10. "Alcoholiday" (Blake) – 5:26

11. "Guiding Star" (Love) – 2:48

12. "Is This Music?" (Love) – 3:57



Anonymous said...

The greatest FUCKING Band in the world, and still going strong. check out their latest Man-Made AND BUY IT.

Jonathan The Lovable said...

I agree -- this is a great album, and so is MAN-MADE. I bought all the tracks from iTunes for Bandwagonesque that I could, but iTunes only has about half of the album available; thank you for making available all the rest!