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Lime Spiders – Beethovens First

Lime Spiders – Beethovens First

Lime Spiders are an Australian post-punk band, consisting of Mick Blood, Richard Lawson, Gerard Corben, David Sparks and Phill Hall.

The Lime Spiders were formed in 1979 by Mick Blood, who cites their influences as being 1960s garage bands with psychedelic rock, together with Darryl Mather, Eric Grothe and Dave Guest. The band's name is based on a non-alcoholic australian cocktail ( acombination of vanilla ice cream and lime soda).

The band rehearsed for over a year before their first show, supporting The Loney Hearts on Christmas Eve, 1979.

"We were absolutely horrible. So horrible that people didn't get it. I don't think I got it, either. We came back properly in late 1980" - Darryl Mather[1]

The band played a number of gigs in Sydney opening for bands such as The Sunnyboys, Hoodoo Gurus and The Scientists. The line-up stablised in 1981 with Blood (vocals), Mather (guitar), Guest (bass) and Geoff Cleary (drums), in August 1981 the band added guitarist Richard Jakimszyn. The new line-up played its debut gig at the South Cross Hotel, Sydney but by February, 1982 they had split up. Later that year, Mather suggested they get back together to try to record a single. There was a 'Battle of the Bands' competition at the Sydney's Southern Cross Hotel with the winner getting money to record a single. The competition lasted for 3 weeks and included 64 bands...the Lime Spiders (with new drummer Stephen Rawles) got into the competition only at the last minute, and in the end they won the prize, beating competitors that included The Celibate Rifles and The Most.

The on-going respect for the Lime Spiders in the US over the years was further evidenced by the Black Crowes requesting the band as the main support act on their only tour of Australia in 1992, and "Slave Girl" being covered by the Goo Goo Dolls on their 1995 album, A Boy Named Goo.

The Lime Spiders also toured Europe, playing at the Roskilde Festival in 1988. Their follow-up album, Volatile, which was released in May, 1988 unfortunately it didn't receive the same level of recognition as The Cave Comes Alive!. The same recording sessions for the album also resulted in a four track 12" EP titled EP being released in March, 1989. By the time Volatile was released the line up had changed again with Blood, Lawson, Corben, Bambach and bass player Michael Couvert (Celibate Rifles) on rhythm guitar. In December, 1988 bass player Phil Hall (Sardine) replaced Bambach, and Mark Wilkinson (Girlies) replacing Couvert. It was this line up that supported Iggy Pop on his January, 1989 Australian tour. Wilkinson contributed guitar to a couple of tracks on the band's third and final studio album, Beethoven's Fist, but left the band before its release in November, 1990. From there, for a number of reasons, the Lime Spiders simply fell apart.


01. Scene Of The Crime
02. Cherry Red
03. Real Thing
04. 9 Miles High
05. I Get Off At The Next Stop
06. This Time
07. Silent Partner
08. Old Dog New Tricks
09. Three Wise Men
10. Miss Perfect Strange

Lineup -Mick Blood - vocals
Gerard Corben - guitars
Richard Lawson - drums, vocals
Phil Hall – bass

Lime Spiders – Beethovens First

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