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Huxton Creepers – Keep to the Beat

Huxton Creepers – Keep to the Beat

Keep To The Beat (album, Big Time/Polydor, 1988) — Canadian release of So This Is Paris same track listing minus "Pretty Flamingo"

The Huxton Creepers were an Australian rock band from Melbourne. They formed in 1984, three years after they left high school, and split in 1989. Their notable Australian hits were "My Cherie Amour", "I Will Persuade You" and their version of Manfred Mann's "Pretty Flamingo".

The lineup was Rob Craw (lead vocals and guitar), Paul Thomas (guitar and vocals), Matthew Eddy (bass) and Archie Law (drums). All four members attended Scotch College, Melbourne, completing their HSC year in 1981.

Their first released recording was the track "King Of The Road" (an original, not the Roger Miller song) on the Au Go Go Records Melbourne compilation Asleep At The Wheel in 1984. This and their two tracks on the Triple J compilation Cooking With George brought them to the attention of Big Time Records, their label throughout their career. Their first album was 12 Days To Paris in 1986 and their second was So This Is Paris in 1988 (titled Keep To The Beat on the Canadian release).


01.Skin Of My Teeth
02.Rack My Brains
03.Edge Of Darkness
04.When You Sleep
06.This Day Is Mine
07.Better Days
08.Nights Become Your Days
09.Keep To The Beat
10.Slow Attack
11.Time Heals All Wounds

Huxton Creepers – Keep to the Beat

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