Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cowboy Junkies - Lay It Down

Lay it Down is a 1996 album by Cowboy Junkies. It was their first album for Geffen Records after the end of their contract with RCA Records.

It was the band's first album that could be described as straight-ahead rock, rather than country rock, country or blues. It was also their first album comprised entirely of original material, with no covers. "A Common Disaster" and "Speaking Confidentially" were notable hits for the band on Canadian radio. Like all their albums after The Trinity Session, however, it was only a modest success internationally.

The album also includes two versions of "Come Calling", which is presented in male and female versions representing two sides of a romantic relationship.

All songs by Michael Timmins, except "Musical Key" by Michael Timmins and Margo Timmins.

1. "Something More Besides You" (4:15)

2. "A Common Disaster" (3:21)

3. "Lay it Down" (4:22)

4. "Hold on to Me" (3:22)

5. "Come Calling (His Song)" (3:33)

6. "Just Want to See" (4:23)

7. "Lonely Sinking Feeling" (4:24)

8. "Angel Mine" (3:59)

9. "Bea's Song (River Song Trilogy, Part II)" (3:33)

10. "Musical Key" (3:55)

11. "Speaking Confidentially" (4:27)

12. "Come Calling (Her Song)" (5:00)

13. "Now I Know" (2:18)

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