Monday, January 14, 2008

Xavier Rudd - White Moth

Australian singer-songwriter Xavier Rudd turns in another batch of heartfelt, stylistically eclectic tunes on 2007's WHITE MOTH. As with his previous releases, WHITE MOTH features a mix of folk music with reggae flavors and ample doses of indigenous instruments and vocalists from his native land. Yet the focus of the album is still Rudd's songwriting, which is expressive, compelling, and committed to exploring both the personal and the political (including addressing the struggles of Australia's native population). The result adheres to Rudd's usual high standard in both lyrical content and groove-centered songcraft.

The official Xavier Rudd online store had this to say about the album:

“White Moth” charts the spiritual journey of multi-instrumentalist Rudd. He’s traveled the globe and built a devoted following of fans, drawn to his amalgamation of folk, reggae, rock and world music. Featuring guest vocals from aboriginal Singers, “White Moth” pays respect to Australia’s indigenous people, from whom the yidaki (didgeridoo) virtuoso has drawn bottomless inspiration.