Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monarchs - Make Your Own Fun

thanks to hank

Brothers Brad(Hoodoo Gurus) and Murray(Screaming Tribesmen) Shepherd got back together for a side project in 1999. The result being ‘Monarchs’ no surprises here you get what these boys do so well. A tougher, more edgy Gurus or a more melodic ‘Screaming Tribesmen’. Either way this is a great Aussie sounding rock album…. songs about women, drinking, drugs and Holden Monaros. Boys will be boys. Thanks again to hank, love it mate.

Kelly Andy (b) 1999-2002 Glide

Shepherd Brad (v,g) 1999-2002

Shepherd Murray (d) 1999-2002

Make Yer Own Fun   2001


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