Monday, January 21, 2008

The Unknowns - Southern Decay

Bruce Joyner with Mark Neill and Dave Boyle initiated the Unknowns in 1980, when moving from Georgia to Los Angeles; Bruce left by the end of 1982. They reformed in 1991, with Craig Packam on drums, for a european tour (and New Rose records anniversary gig), then Bruce left to focus on collaborating with Out Of The Fire, and also because suffering some health problems.

Bruce Joyner & the Unknowns makes the definite case that the band was composed of the lost geniuses of early-'80s SoCal punk. The Cramps might be a comparison point, but there's less campy humor mixed in with the energy; Joyner in particular isn't out to raise ghoulish smiles so much as he's out to raise good-natured hell. If anything, Joyner and company predict where Chris Isaak would find a spot to dwell in some years later, though with less clear sound and more smoky rampage.

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Anonymous said...

1.Hungry Waltz
2.Broken Home
3.Happy Day
4.Desert Nights
5.Love Train
6.Bruce Does His Thing
7.Flip Your Switch
8.Politically Correct
9.Blue Furniture
10.Feel Something
11.Shakin All Over