Monday, January 21, 2008

Baptist Generals - Dog

The Baptist Generals are an American indie band from the music town of Denton, Texas.

Dog released in 2000 on Sub Pop combines elements of indie, rock and folk.

The Baptist Generals was formed in 1998 by songwriter/guitarist Chris Flemmons and drummer Steve Hill. Originally they played for beer money as a street act on Denton's infamous Fry Street, but later moved from the street to playing house and club shows nationally and abroad. Over the years the band has grown to include a rotating cast of Denton and former Denton musicians. Hill left the band in 2007.


SnommElf said...

take this off the fucking internet -- you did not ask permission to post our music.
the denton baptist generals

Seth Crownover said...

Sorry to disagree with ya, SnommElf, but (assuming you are the Baptist Generals) 'Dog' is REALLY tough to find and your music is too goddamn beautiful to remain confined to a few hip record stores that might stock it.