Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tall Dwarfs - 'Throw A Sickie' EP (1986)

Tall Dwarfs 'Throw A Sickie' EP (1986)

Their 6th release, come inside and understand the universality of the Tall Dwarfs odd, handmade, lo-fidelity din. They always have great record covers and this one is particularly unappealing, sick, if you will...

From the CD liner notes: "Our least loved record. It was recorded very quickly with one of us being pretty ill at any given point, both of us equally debilitated at others. "And Other Kinds" was our second proper studio thing thru which Alec lay moaning in flu-ridden despair. Another couple were finished as Alec drove to the airport. He'd done all his bits, don't panic. We like it. It's under-rated, you finicky bastards."

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