Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Church - El Momento Siguiente 2007

El Momento Siguiente 2007

This one and it’s predecessor ,El Momento Descuidado’ have both been released since I left Oz, both came in under my radar. Heard it for the first time today. Been a good day for new discoveries this is a great album new interpretations of old songs… acoustic versions of Wide Open Road(Triffids), It's No Reason, Electric Lash, Reptile. Plus three brand new songs.

Track listing

1. "Wide Open Road"

2. "It's No Reason"

3. "Reptile"

4. "Tantalized"

5. "Electric Lash"

6. "After Everything"

7. "Song In The Afternoon"

8. "Two Places At Once"

9. "Appalatia"

10. "Bordello"

11. "Pure Chance"

12. "Grind"

13. "NSEW (North, South, East, And West)"

14. "Comeuppance"


Disc 2

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