Thursday, January 17, 2008

Smudge - The Outdoor Type

From Overhere

Smudge have been around since 1991 when Tom Morgan (guitar, vocals), Alison Galloway (drums) and Paul "Duncs" Duncan (bass) got together to contribute a song to the Half A Cow 7 inch called Slice (along with Swirl, Jupiter and Studley Lush). There's only so much room for two songs on one side of a 7 inch so Tom was asked by the label to write a song "around a minute in length". He came up with Tea, Toast & Turmoil - a short, melodic pop song with colourful lyrics which set the blueprint for the future output of Smudge.

Tom and Alison used to hang out at the Lansdowne Hotel and talk about the "pop-punk" band they were going to form - inspired by their heroes at the time Dinosaur Jr and Descendents. The newly-formed Half A Cow label and offered to put out a seven inch. Don't Want To Be Grant McLennan soon followed. So did a review from NME which gave the slab 'single of the week'. Whilst on tour in Australia in the middle of 1991, Evan Dando from The Lemonheads met up with Tom (recording two songs for Tom's other band Sneeze) and a song-writing friendship was struck up and they co-wrote songs for It's A Shame About Ray including the title track.
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Two more releases followed for this lineup of Smudge - the Love, Lust & Lemonjuice and Superhero eepees- before Duncs left and was replaced by Adam Yee (formerly of noise-merchants Headache). This lineup still rocks to this day and have been responsible for 1994's Manilow album, the Hot Smoke & Sassafras mini-LP, 1996's You, Me, Carpark...Now and many other releases.

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