Thursday, January 17, 2008

Smudge - Hot Smoke And Sassafras

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A second guitarist, Pete Kelly, filled out the sound for much of late 1997 and 1998 and can be heard on their most recent album Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra which was released at the end of 1998. Pete has since left the band and they are back to being a three-piece. A single from the album was released in September 1999 called Eighteen In A Week with the usual addition of exclusive bonus tracks.

played their last show for quite some time (drummer Al is trekking off across the world) at Goldmans in Sydney on Friday October 8th 1999. A full house, support from an acoustic Evan Dando made it a happy and sad time for all.

In 2002, Alison has returned and Smudge meet up again to map out their future. The first thing on the agenda is a show....
the return of SMUDGE


Marka said...


Would you perhaps have Smudge's Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra cd? I can't get my hands on a copy and I SO want to hear that album!

Thanks, I love the site.


Youpidou said...

Thanks for sharing!