Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Radio Birdman - Zeno Beach

Many thanks tricky and original uploader

The NEW RECORD............ enjoy history being rewritten

Radio Birdman are, and always have been, independent of the mainstream music industry. The new recording, as well as their live performance schedule, is totally self-financed and self-directed. They owe nothing to anyone. They see their independence as essential to maintaining complete artistic freedom. What you hear is solely the creative output of the band - not a marketing strategy.

One of the truly legendary Australian bands of the late '70s prove in this, their first new recordings as a group in decades, that they are still masters of high energy rock and roll. From the opening chords of "We've Come So Far (To Be Here Today)" the music never lets up in it's sheer intensity. Do yourself a favor, buy the CD and play the song "Connected" so loud that your sound system reaches critical mass. Then replace the now destroyed stereo and DO IT AGAIN!!!

Jim Dickson - bass
Russell Hopkinson
- drums
Pip Hoyle
- keyboards
Chris Masuak
- guitars
Deniz Tek
- guitars
Rob Younger
- vocals


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Anonymous said...

thank you .
this is wonderful !

I saw these guys more than a year ago
if I remember the date right.
great show.

Mohon dukungannya yach....?!
dalam dengan selalu berhati-hati