Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hoodoo Gurus - Bite The Bullet

One week prior to leaving for another tour of Brazil the Hoodoo Gurus issue a press release announcing that 1997 will be there last year together as a band. There are no reasons for calling it a day other than it just feels like the right time to do so. The press release ends with: “The Hoodoo Gurus wish to thank all of their fans who have supported them over the past fifteen years. It’s been quite a trip.” The Hoodoo Gurus’ farewell (“for a while”) public performance is at the Palace in Melbourne on January 11.

Bite the Bullet captures the Gurus live during their “farewell tour’. So much for yesterday. The Gurus have signed a deal with a company called Virtual and been given their own label on which to release the back catalogue and the Tunnel Vision DVD. The remastered 'Stoneage Romeos', with the original Australian cover and the bonus b'sides came out last October as did 'Tunnel Vision'. All of the other albums (except 'Mars' and 'Blow Your Cool') will be released for digital download as well. They are currently touring Australia with Radio Birdman and The Stems. Long live the Gurus.

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