Thursday, January 10, 2008

Prefab Sprout

Prefab Sprout were an English pop band from Witton Gilbert, County Durham, who rose to moderate fame during the 1980s. Critically acclaimed and considered by many to have released some of the best pop albums of the decade, the band never became part of the mainstream, but saw moderate commercial success.

Swoon is the first album by English pop band Prefab Sprout, released in March 1984. It has a markedly different, and less accessible, musical feel than their later works, featuring intricate guitar-based compositions that drew comparisons with Steely Dan and Aztec Camera.


Protest Songs is the fourth album by English pop band Prefab Sprout (though the third recorded). It was recorded in 1985, but was not released until 1989. Its delayed release was due to the surprise success of the song "The King of Rock 'n' Roll", prompting the band's record label to release From Langley Park to Memphis first to avoid confusing the public. The back cover of Protest Songs emphasizes the fact that the album is a stage in their musical evolution, offering a middle ground between the sound of 1985's Steve McQueen and that of From Langley Park to Memphis.

Protest Songs(1985)

Jordan: The Comeback is the fifth album by English pop band Prefab Sprout, released in August 1990. Jordan: The Comeback showed Prefab Sprout continuing their musical evolution from the prickly jangle guitars of Swoon, their debut. The use of synths is more prominent, lending the album a poppier feel, and Paddy McAloon explores other genres on some songs, from samba to doo wop. The album was critically acclaimed: it was nominated for Best Album at the Brit Awards, and reached #7 on the charts in the UK. It was--by Prefab Sprout's admittedly modest standards--a commercial success.

Jordon: The Comeback(1990)


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