Thursday, January 10, 2008

David McComb - Setting You Free

Loved his music, I have nothing but respect for what he accomplished.....

David Richard McComb, (February 17, 1962February 2, 1999) was an Australian rock musician. He was the singer-songwriter of a prominent Australian post-punk band, The Triffids. He recorded with the Blackeyed Susans, completed a solo album, Love of Will, for Mushroom Records, and undertook a solo tour of Europe with his backing band, The Red Ponies.

McComb suffered from back pain which worsened over the years. He also struggled with alcoholism, and amphetamine and heroin abuse, which greatly affected his health. He developed cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that, when found in young men, is most commonly induced by alcoholism. In 1996, he underwent a successful heart transplant, but continued his drinking and drug use. In January 1999 he was driving a car which was involved in a collision. He was hospitalized overnight and released with bruising. A few days later he died at home, on February 2, 1999 just before his 37th birthday. In February 2000, after the State Coroner of Victoria finally published his findings, The West Australian newspaper wrote: "Mr Johnstone [the Coroner] said McComb's mental and physical condition had deteriorated after his accident but his death was due to heroin toxicity and mild acute rejection of his 1996 heart transplant."

Love of Will is the debut solo album by David McComb, released in March, 1994. The album was recorded and mixed between June and August, 1993, at Platnium Studios with additional mixing at Metropolis and Sing Sing Studios. McComb selected 13 songs out of a pile of 35 and recorded them at Platinum Studios, Melbourne with producer Nick Mainsbridge, together with freelance musical directors Graham Lee and David McComb, and assistant engineers Kalju Tonuma and Phil Jones.

Here we have the single ‘Setting You Free’, with four non-album B-sides. "I've heard things turn out this way" also appears on the The Message CD single.

Tracks are :
1. Setting you free
2. Home for fallen angels
3. You've got a funny way of showing you love me
4. My friend sleep

5. I've heard things turn out this way

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Anonymous said...

I love his songs. R.I.P David