Friday, January 11, 2008

Pixies - Rough Diamonds

A European bootleg, widely regarded as the best on offer.

1. Levitate Me 2. Wild Honey Pie 3. Caribou 4. In Heaven 5. Dead 6. Tame 7. There Goes My Gun 8. Manta Ray 9. Down To The Well
Into The White 11. Wave Of Mutilation 12. Monkey Gone To Heaven
Allison 14. Wave Of Mutilation 15. Ana 16. Palace Of The Brine
Letter To Memphis 18. Motorway To Roswell 19. Subbacultcha
Build High 21. I Can't Forget 22. Born In Chicago

23. Velouria 24. Hang On To Your Ego 25. Is She Weird?
Gigantic 27. River Euphrates 28. Tame 29. Down To The Well
Rock A My Soul

Where and when: all songs are STUDIO versions
1-5: Maida Vale, Studio 4, 3/5/88 (4 tracks on Timeless Stars & B-side File)
6-9: Hippodrome Studio, London, 9/10/88
10-12: Maida Vale Studio 3, London, 16/4/89
13-16: Maida Vale Studio 5, London, 18/8/90

17-20: Maida Vale Studio 3, London, 23/6/91
21-22: Master Control Studio, Burbank, 9/91 (L. Cohen tribute version for 22)
23: Recording Co. Studio, Chicago, 7/90 (Rubaiyat compilation version)
24-26: Portastudio demo, Los Angeles, 6/90
27-28: Blackwing Studio, London, 2/5/88 (Gigantic ep versions)
29-31: Fort Apache Studio, Boston, 3/87
Length: 73:33 (31 songs)
Sound: from A to A+

finitely the best existing Pixies boot!
31 tracks, all studio versions, among which:
- 5 only can be found on officially released CDs (one very rare)

- 9 only can more or less easily be found on other boots, but usually with a worse sounding quality!
- 17 are exclusive to this CD!
Certainly all BBC sessions are there (the first 20 tracks!).
The overall sound quality is excellent, and many of the alternate versions are quite exceptional, e.g. Into The White, a version of Wave Of Mutilation between the original and the UK Surf ones, two early versions of Down To The Well, a crazy version of There Goes My Gun, a rough version of Is She Weird?, and many others.
RD is also the only record to feature a Pixies version of Hang On To Your Ego.

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