Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Race - Second Wave

Cheers to Ken

New Race was made up of ex-MC5 drummer Dennis Thompson,ex-Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton and three former members of Radio Birdman (Rob Younger, Deniz Tek and Warwick Gilbert). They toured Australia once in 1981. Their live record "the first and the last" is still in print on witness records, however the live records "the first to pay" and "the second wave" on revenge records (france) have been out of print for ages.

Tracks list

1. Burn My Eye

2. Alone In The Endzone

3. Man With The Golden Helmet

4. Break My Heart

5. Gotta Keep Movin'

6. Crying Sun

7. Sad TV

8. I'm Loose

9. T.Y Eye

10. New Race

Rough mix by Charles Fisher and Rob Younger at Trafalgar.

Recorded Live at Crystal Ballroom, Selinas, Australia 1981.


Ron said...

Great that you posted this,
by any chance that you also score the "the first to pay" album, don't have that one...

Greetz , Ron

bruce said...

I'll ask the crew

cheers ron

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