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Ned Collette -

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Ned Collette is a Melbourne singer/songwriter who has recently signed with the Australian record label Dot Dash.

Ned Collette’s musical history to date draws on a broad sound pallet: an honours degree in modern composition, works for string quartets, various electro-concrete pieces and playing in a variety of loose fit outfits whilst focusing his talents in City City City. Parallel to all this Ned has been working on his own album, Jokes & Trials. Forgoing the democracies of a group Ned plays close to all the instruments, writes all the songs and sings in his warm and weary voice. Here the song is king, Ned admitting that the influence of Leonard Cohen, Robert Wyatt and Cat Power has led him to focus more and more on the importance of the lyrics.

jokes & trials lp
debut album released australia/nz
22nd july 2006


song for louis
the happy kidnapper
a plea for you through me
the laughter across the street
heaven's the key
don't talk

Live, Ned has developed a unique technique of using guitar loops and delays on stage, building percussive and melodic layers, over which he presents his songs. He has toured alongside artists such as Mogwai and Holly Throsby as well as playing his own headlining gigs.

future suture lp
released australia/nz
29th september 2007


first love
sell your life
forty children
show your hand

the country with a smile
winter holiday

ned's dream
lost and found

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