Monday, January 7, 2008

Fuzztones - Flashbacks

thanks to Peter

The Fuzztones ruled the black leather garage netherworld throughout the 80's, alternating their aural mayhem between New York City and Los Angeles. Their FLASHBACKS CD is fiery proof the "paisley revival" has true staying power. FLASHBACKS isn't really a "best of":The Fuzztones released far too much material (more than 40 records) to make a 70-minute distillation possible. The 22 tracks here instead are some choice LP cuts, alternate versions, demos, and previously unreleased material. Rudi Protrudi is the focus behind The Fuzztones' dark sound. His approach recalls an alley cat in the throes of vicious copulation, his guitar alive with buzz, his voice a groaning invitation. The Music Machine's Sean Bonniwell, Steppenwolf's John Kay, and the Mysterians' Question Mark have nothing on Protrudi; perhaps he's the result of them all. Lock up the girls. Protrudi & Co. have reformed and are lurking once again in L.A.

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