Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Music For Your Eyes - Videos

Something NEW folks……. MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES. I love music videos!! Back in my misspent youth I would come home on a Friday and Saturday night and collapse in front of ‘Rage’. Yesterday tricky reminded me of a video show by Susan Dowling. So a new segment is born

During my un-coordinated roaming on the net I have stumbled across many. Time to share a few of my favourites. Firstly a couple from Nada Surf, live at a show in Germany, only got these yesterday. Poster over there.

And some Aussie stuff from Powderfinger and Spiderbait. A bit of trivia for you, DAF from Powderfinger is named after the three chords used in the song…… enjoy, I did.

Nada Surf

Powderfinger daf my happiness

Spiderbait spiderbait(I forget which one....sorry)


tricky said...

I've got a video-file of a Crowded House concert they performed Live on Rock Arena one New Years Eve during the 80's ... I remember watching it on telly .. I've never posted a video file and it may be to big for sharebee .. I'll check

There are some fantastic early Oils vids availabel to download from Youtube .. Garrett has hair (just) in one of them

bruce said...

tricky how do you download from youtube? Excuse my ignorance.