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Melniks - Rarities

In May 1993 the Melniks entered Vibrafeel Studios in Brisbane to record their first album, a low-fi gem called I know you are but what am I? The Melniks' sense of humour is evident throughout the album, not only in the lyrics, but by the fact that they included the same recording of the song Little Old Green Man as both the first and last track on the album! Hidden after the latter version is a cover of the Zit Remedy Song from the TV show Degrassi Jr High, plus some audio snippets from the show.

The Melniks' second album, Have you ever noticed that Gordon from Sesame Street looks exactly like Errol from Hot Chocolate? was recorded at Charles Stuart University in Wagga Wagga. On this album the Melniks once again included an imaginative unlisted track. It consists of 30 minutes worth of audio snippets from classic TV shows and films such as Monty Python, the Simpsons, the Young Ones and Fast Times at Ridgemount High. It's an amusing listen.

The first two Melniks CDs were self released, however the band's third album, Schmelnicks (1996) came out through Shagpile/Shock. There is a big step up in the recording and mastering quality of Schmelnicks. The band's penchant for silly unlisted tracks continued. After the album's eleven songs are complete, there is a silent track, after which the album plays over again, albeit in a slightly different order. Once the second play of the album is complete, it starts over for a third time!

Two singles were lifted from Schmelnicks - Drew Romance and the double A-side Chunky Doh / Anna. Chunky Doh was remixed for the single. The singles include some great b-sides, including a cover of the Beastie Boys' tune Sabotage.

Sometime after the release and touring for Schmelnicks, James left the band. Trent, Cass and Terry continued on as a three piece, issuing one last CD, Fairway to Seven (1997). It is decidedly less fuzzy than Schmelniks, arguably the band's best release.

Sometime after the release of Fairway to Seven the Melniks decided to call it a day. At the band's final show they gave away a tape called Behind the Tandoor to the first fifty punters through the door.

The Melniks - Rarities Compilation

The compilation features:

  • Sabotage and Gone Fishin', which were recorded as demos in December 1995, and were released as b-sides in 1996 on the Chunky Doh / Anna single
  • Backdrop, Chugga, Tommy and the alien, Monaco Grand Prix and Beer from demos recorded in June 1996
  • Sausage Rollins, Vacation, +1, Donut shop, I'm dobbin', Golf tips, Nature show and Chip lady from demos recorded in December 1995. Some of these recordings were released on the Behind the Tandoor tape, which was given away to the first 50 punters through the door at The Melniks farewell show
  • Archaeology, Byrds & Beatles, Cops 'r' tops and Swoop, from four track demos recorded in January 1997.
  • Melnik Rock Opus, Clear as Dayglo, Comin' round the bend, Cass' County and Drew Romance (DFH Mix) from a post-Fairway to Seven practice session in 1997/98
  • Sausage Rollins and Chugga, recorded as demos in September 1996 and released on the Behind the Tandoor tape
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