Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cunningham - Collection

The members of The Melniks have been involved in several other musical projects, both during the "Melnik" years, and after the band broke up.

Cass and Trent were part of Cunningham, along with Greg Brady and Jeremy Marshall from early 90s Brisbane band Hugbubble. Cunningham started as a side project in 1996 and was basically an outlet for the guys to learn different instruments. Cass took up the bass, which allowed Trent to slide onto the drum stool. Greg was a bass player who played guitar for the HAMS. Greg, Cass and Trent all wrote and sang songs in Cunningham (although Greg wrote the most by a long shot). There are obvious similarities between the sounds of the Melniks and Cunningham, but overall Cunningham were more pop-oriented and their recordigns are less fuzzy. Cass recently described Cunningham as "pop revivalists" on his my space page, and elsewhere the band has been described as "Flying Nunn kinda pop." Cunningham released three EPs - Very Cunningham (1998), H*A*M*S (1999) and His n Hers (2000).

A 10-track Cunningham compilation for your listening pleasure!

The compilation features:

  • The packet of Winnie Blues from Very Cunningham (1998)
  • Aisle seat and Blundell from H*A*M*S (1999)
  • Giant steps, Hey Sista and Expert tones from His and Hers (2000)
  • Just Jeans, Twin attack, Hump of the week and Alternative to good, from Live at Rics (2002)

. http://www.mediafire.com/?7tmerxhdhzn

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Mongoloid Dave said...

I am all for good music (especially the Melniks, Cunningham and the Fergusons) getting heard by as many people as possible... but by the same token, if you are going to cut and paste huge chunks of text from my website, I'd appreciate you including a link back to the site! I spent hours writing those bios!