Friday, January 25, 2008

Deadly Hume - Me, Grandma, Iliko and Hilarian

another from hank

The Deadly Hume-
Me, Grandma, Iliko and Hilarian
(Phantom Records 1987)
Vinyl rip:

“Formed by Greg Perano, who was in early Hunters & Collectors. A wild, bluesy, noisy, in-your-face type of band. From what I've read about them, opinions were very divided about whether they were great or complete crap... Judge for yourself!” from hank

The Deadly Hume takes its name from the Hume Highway, a dangerous and desolate stretch of roadway between Melbourne and the band's hometown, Sydney. The band's sound derives from the clash and grind of urban Australia and the swampy darkness of American blues, although the records encompass everything from a cappella spiritual choruses to acoustic guitar. On tracks like "Fine Line" (from Me, Grandma, Iliko and Hilarian), the rhythm-sticks-from-hell percussion clatter and sawing bass lines could almost let the music pass for a lost outtake from Fireman's Curse-era Hunters and Collectors (Hume lead vocalist Greg Perano was in H&C at the time) while the swampy fuzz guitar and squealing chords of "My Head Feels Like It's Been Hit by a Train" drag the band through an intense and slithery Amer-Aussie version of '80s blues-rock.

The Nick Cave-esque "48 Coffees in 24 Hours" intersperses shouts of "I'm nervous nervous nervous" with brash striptease horns and mumbled stream-of-caffeine vocals, capturing the wiped-out frazzle anyone who's overdosed on java will recognize. "The Trains Kept Shunting" (from Grandma) pounds with a soft, insistent drum pulse as what sounds like a box filled with sand shuffles and guitars peal out sheets of feedback and hard, clear chimes. Like impressionist painters working in sound instead of oils, the Deadly Hume have the marvelous ability to turn pop songs into art without leaving a stuffy aftertaste.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to find this link still working! Just rummaging through a 1989 era copy of 'The Trouser Press Record Guide' and noticed I had long ago put a note beside the Deadly Hume entry. After re-reading the article I searched and here I am. Looking forward to hearing this, 22 years after reading about it!!


Jules said...

Below is the blurb for a poster of this release...up on eBay at the moment:


...official Aug. 1987 Promotional Poster for the first ever full studio LP (by a single artist) on Phantom (as opposed to compilations)...called "ME, GRANDMA, ILIKO, AND HILARIAN" - I felt like a real grown-up record label when this came out. It's a monster LP...dark and brooding and menacing in its honesty...singer Greg Perano (ex-Hunters & Collectors) reached into the depth of his soul and came up with lyrics that embraced truths that most were too afraid to admit to. Marc Scully's and Stuart Brown's bass and drums emitted an unholy rumble and thumping clatter that messed with your gut, while first Bones Martin's, then later Ron Hadley's guitar lines scythed and ached and howled over the top of, they were phenomenal. Big memory is of Michael Hutchence (one of Greg's closest allies) and Kylie Minogue going nuts down the front of more than one of their shows, but especially at the Piccadilly Hotel in Kings Cross the night Noah Taylor writhed and wriggled across the stage with manic possessed intensity while guesting on vocals on one lengthy Hume song (that should be on youtube - if only!)

You wished you were there.

Anyway, this is a 2-colour (turquoise and black) screenprinted poster on a high quality matt paper...

…It's been rolled up and stored away for the past 24+ years...and is in excellent!, unblemished in fact...

MEASUREMENTS: 48cm. wide x 67cm. tall
(approx. 19 x 26 inches)

Anonymous said...

Can you please re-upload please. Great album, had this once on vinyl, like to hear it again.