Friday, January 25, 2008

Breeders, The - Divine Hammer EP

"Divine Hammer" is probably the poppiest and sweetest number in the Breeders' catalogue, and the single does not disappoint. "Hoverin'" would eventually make it to Kim Deal's Amps project, but here it is a far more angry, unrehearsed anti-drug song (made more poignant by Kelley Deal's battles with heroin). The heartfelt rendition of Hank Williams, Sr.'s "I Can't Help It" showcases Kelley's beautiful voice, while J. Mascis's remix of "Do You Love Me Now" features his trademark whining in harmony with Kim Deal's original vocal line. A relaxed affair to be sure, but as with most Breeders' B-sides, this is more wonderful pop from a band that never quite got its due.

released 1993

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