Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bailter Space - Grader - Spader 12" EP

Very much an acquired taste but I have always liked this band.

GRADER SPADER 12" E.P. – 1988

Presidente-for-life Roger Shepard opened the asylums. Since arriving, they've been making dense, thunderous, repetitive and super-powerful rock music over the course of three Matador LP's, not to mention their pioneering work as The Gordons ... now, they categorize themselves as industrial reductionists

BailterSpace originally hail from Christchurch, New Zealand and are now currently based in New York.

As one of the longest serving bands for New Zealand independent record company Flying Nun, Bailterspace's first incarnation came in the form of the trio's group 'the Gordons' in the early 80s. When 'the Gordons' disbanded, Alister Parker and Ha
mish Kilgour (drummer for the Clean) commenced with a new project called Nelsh Bailterspace (1987), adding Glenda Bills on drums and Ross Humphries on bass.

After the release of a Nelsh Bailterspace e.p., Bills and Humphries departed and ex-Skeptics guitarist John Halvorsen was recruited to play bass.

This initial Bailterspace lineup recorded the debut album Tanker (1988). Kilgour soon after rejoined The Clean and Brent McLachlan was reinstated as drummer. The album Thermos followed in 1990, recorded at Writhe studios in Wellington, then came The Aim e.p. in 1992 (the title track a re-invented version of Nelsh's Our Aim), two of the songs being recorded in New York, and which pre-empted their relocation to the Big Apple. Working from New York, Bailterspace went on to produce Robot World (1993), the B.E.I.P. e.p. (1994), Vortura (1994), Wammo (1995) and their latest album to date Capsul released in April 1997.

Since aligning themselves with Turnbuckle Records in 1997, Bailterspace have released two further recordings - the Argonaut/Capsul 7" (1997), and the 8 song Photon E.P. which arrived on our shores in July 1998.
The Solar.3 album was released late 1998 and was distributed through Wild Side Records/BMG in Australasia.



Bottlelow said...

Great!Thanks Bruce

bruce said...

my pleasure bottlelow, got some stuff, upload when or if my server gets it's act together

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Pure NZ Alt Radio said...

Gidday there,

I'm a huge fan of Bailter Space and before that The Gordons. In-fact I was at The Gordons first gig at The Hillsborough Tavern. It was like being attacked by a swarm of wasps.

Think you'll find the band has de-camped from New York and is now back in 'the big smoke' of Christchurch.

From memory all the band was from Ashburton - but I could be wrong on that point(?)

If you are a fan of Bailter Space tune into my online radio station.

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