Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Various Artists NZ - Out Numbered By Sheep

A compilation set by New Zealand rock, pop and alternate bands over the past 20 years. Music from New Zealand has always been a little left of center, must be the water, take Split Enz. This includes tracks From Chris Knox, Headless Chickens and Able Tasman. The cover gives you an idea of what to expect. I'll do a post of my favourite Kiwi band later. I promise well worth the wait( hint! song "she speeds")


Anonymous said...

Gidday mate

your blog is simply sensational. I have downloaded heaps that you have posted already and eagerly await each new posting. You will do well to keep up the pace I must say (seems there is a new album every few hours). I love most music but in particular Oz music (and 80's). I have heaps of stuff from that era (tons of Oils, Spy V Spy, Sunnyboys, Saints, Warumpi Band, Weddings Parties Anything, Do Re Mi, Paul Kelly, Chisel, etc etc). I particularly love Oz tribute albums, and have a Paul Kelly one, Hoodoo Gurus, Chisel, Split Enz, 2 X Go Betweens, and a few more. I also like acoustic covers and have truckloads of these. If you want anything in particular please let me know.
I was wondering if you have a copy of The Johnnys "My Buzzsaw Baby (Really Cuts Me Up)" and also a copy of a Midnight Oil Tribute Album? Thanks again for a totally awesome blog ..... TRICKY

bruce said...

Thank you for your comments, glad your getting your share of songs. I'm enjoying sharing this music and yes the pace will continue for now. Seems we share similar tastes, do you have a site I could visit and check out your songs? I'd dig to see what you have. Do you have 'blow Your Cool' 'Magnum Come Louder' Gurus or 'life in one Chord' straitjacket Fits "Echolalia" something for kate
Lots of stuff I would like. thanks again
cheers b