Monday, December 31, 2007

New Race - Last Stand

April 1981: Deniz Tek, Warwick Gilbert and Rob Younger join forces with Ron Asheton(STOOGES) and Dennis Thompson(MC5) and the New Race concept was born.

The band was booked to do 16 shows across the East Coast of Australia.

Plenty of these shows were recorded in anticipation of a live album being released after the tour. The gigs were packed and people came from everywhere to see the band play."Welcome to the Event" as quoted by Deniz Tek and an event it certainly was!

It took the band 4 or 5 shows to get into it but after that the gigs were dynamite.

Most of the songs they played were Radio Birdman originals with the remainder being a mixture of Visitors,Stooges,MC5 and Destroy All Monsters covers.

After all the shows were finished Asheton & Thompson returned to America to continue with their commitments’ think Deniz Tek's idea for the title of the Lp was very appropriate as the tour was a one off deal.

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