Monday, December 31, 2007

New Christs - Distemper

After the breakup of Radio Birdman in 1978 Mr Rob Younger took it upon himself to start looking for a new band.He eventually emerged with the Other Side.The Other Side basically played covers of obscure songs.There were a few originals thrown in but not many.The Other Side didn't last long with other members going on to other projects. Once again Rob Younger was left again with no band.

It was 1980 now and Rob Younger had formed what would be the nucleus of the New Christs.The band rehearsed for several months but really didn't do anything.However Bruce Calloway the guitarist at the time wanted to put something on to record.So in January 1981 the New Christs recorded 2 songs which were put out by Green Records(1000 copies).Amazingly the single sold out even though there was no band to promote it.This single now has become a firm favourite amongst collectors.It was reissued in 1990 by Pink Flamingo Records.

The New Christs didn't appear again until a phone call was placed to Younger wanting to know if he would form a band as a support to Iggy Pops upcoming tour.Rob assembled in my mind a ferocious line-up!! Masuak and Steedman on guitars, Robertson on bass, Kingsmill on Drums. Steedman's place would later be taken by Richard Jakimyszyn as Steedman had commitments with the Celibate Rifles. That line-up recorded four songs Like A Curse,Sun God,Born Out Of Time and No Next Time which are considered classics.

After that 4 members of the band went on to the Hitmen which once again left Younger in the lurch.

From that day the New Christs have played with so many different line-ups I can't even remember them all.They continued recording and touring as much as they could. They still are playing to this day which shows the stamina of this band and with a new album being completed at the moment I can only hope for another tour and another run of great concerts is waiting.

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Awww! The link is invalid. Can you reup? I love the New Christs! PS - your blog is EXCELLENT. Thanks.