Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lime Spiders - The Cave Comes Alive & Slave Girl EP

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The Lime Spiders were formed in 1979 by Mick Blood, who cites their influences as being 1960s garage bands with psychedelic rock, together with Darryl Mather, Eric Grothe and Dave Guest. The band's name is based on a non-alcoholic australian cocktail ( acombination of vanilla ice cream and lime soda).

In early 1984 the new line-up recorded the band's second single, "Slave Girl", which was released in October, 1984. It was the eighth single released by Citadel Records. "Slave Girl" was the number one independent single in Australia for 1984 with over 5,000 copies sold and even reached the national mainstream singles charts. The single also received airplay in countries such as France, Germany, Spain and Sweden. In September 1984, the band added guitarist Gerard Corbin to the line up. The success of "Slave Girl" led to the overseas release of a 12" mini-lp that compiled all six of their recorded songs under the title Slave Girl. In January of 1985, Jakimyszyn left the band (after being diagnosed with schizophrenia), and the band decided to continue without him. As a four piece they recorded the single "Out Of Control" and again it was released on Citadel in December, 1985.

The band reformed upon Blood returning from Europe in 1986 with the lineup now consisting of Mick Blood, Richard Lawson on drums, Gerard Corben & Mark Wilkinson on guitars, and Phil Hall on bass. Lime Spiders signing a three record deal with Virgin Records. Jakimszyn rejoining the band briefly in May, 1987 (in time for the release of their debut album) but leaving soon afterwards. The band releasing their first album, The Cave Comes Alive! in June, 1987, which reached the top of the US College charts, and remained there long enough to generate enormous interest in the Lime Spiders. With the release of the album the band support, The Cult on a national tour of Australia. At the end of the year the band embarked on an American tour spanning two months of shows in most major US cities, and several in Canada, the last thirteen shows supporting Public Image Ltd. Rolling Stone magazine describing them as sounding like "the Sex Pistols on acid". Highlights included a visit backstage by two famous fans of the band at the Cat Club in New York, Iggy Pop and Joey Ramone


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