Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah - Troll Update

All uploads infested by TROLLS have been cleaned. The Troll menace for now has been rectified. Again I beset you to notify me if any URL's go down. In the meantime I'm going swimming and I'm leaving my friends The Scared Cows to hunt down those TROLLS. Hit it boys.........

Thrill, thrill, thrill

Kill, kill, kill

Kick a goal

Knock off a Troll

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Bump off a square

That's what it's about

Hate is in

Love is out

Kill, kill, kill

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Merry Christmas b

2 comments: said...

Hi Bruce,

I'm Gerardo from Madrid (SPAIN), first of all I'd like to compliment you on your excellent blog which I enjoy so much loaded with great music and musicians from down under, some of who I had never heard of, it's a real delight.

Then I have to ask you a favour: Could you re-upload the following files:

- Acoustic Lounge - Pure Acosutic (it's a 3 CD set ).
- The Summer Suns (not the singles one).


Filtch said...

Please don't upload any Bats music. The band are still releasing and performing and need any support possible to help them cover their costs in their creative career.